Hợp Ngữ

a group of people, especially one that meets regularly for a particular purpose, such as government, or, more generally, the process of coming together, or the state of being together:

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a meeting in a school of several classes, usually at the beginning of the school day, khổng lồ give information or to lớn say prayers together:

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An assembly in a school is a gathering of several classes for a group activity that is usually educational.
the process of putting together the parts of a machine or structure, or the thing produced by this process
a group of people that meets for a particular purpose, especially to lớn govern, make laws, or discuss political questions:
These may be due to lớn extrinsic constraints that are too restrictive sầu or assembly designs that are physically impossible.
The analytical results from the model are useful for robot thiết kế & utilization as well as design of an intelligent controller for robotic assembly.
The storage requirement is understandable since in assembly, unlike other domains, the number of sequences(plans) that are produced can be quite large.

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According khổng lồ this hypothesis, neural assemblies in high-cấp độ visual areas, coding unrelated features or objects, exert mutual inhibitory or desynchronizing actions.
For the recording of the hologram, the plate was placed behind the shutter & this assembly was moved inkhổng lồ the laser beam line.
As shown in the design decomposition, the drive equipment speciadanh sách is responsible for selection và (optionally) assembly of the drive sầu train components.
For the purpose of simulating the operation these assemblies can be resolved independently for every time step.




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