Vietnamese cuisine is influenced a lot by Chinese cuisine, but it is often paired with many herbs. One of the most well-known foods in Vietnamese cuisine is Pho. It might look simple with rice noodles, soup, và slices of beef, but after having Pho in Vietphái mạnh, you will have the chance to lớn experience many kinds of Pho that you don’t see very often. In this guide, we will go through different kinds of Pho & places to lớn eat an authentic Pho in Ho Chi Minh City that you would not want to lớn miss when in Vietphái nam.

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The Origin of Pho

To find your authentic Pho, you need to know its origin. It is believed that pho had become an everyday dish for many people in the North since 1954 when the USSR provided aid for Vietnam after the war. There was little meat for the poor at the time, và the French usually took the beef meat to cook dishes và left out bones, so the Vietnamese have learned to lớn use the spare parts to make a great bowl of Pho we know today. The Chinese fried churros usually served with Pho was also a result of the scarthành phố of food during that time; it was used to lớn fill up the stomach and as an add-in ingredient when there was little meat to lớn eat in the Pho. Pho in the North quickly became popular with people in the South as well, but it was added some more Southern touch. People in the South love herbs, & you will see they use herbs in every dish và in Pho too. But the variety of Pho is not only limited khổng lồ that of the North và the South; there are more variations lớn this famous beef noodle soup.

Different Variations of Pho


The famous Pho we are all familiar with is a bowl of soft, Trắng noodles with fresh juicy beef slices, sprinkled some green onion on top, bathing in the hot beef soup, và accompanied with aromatic herbs. But in Vietnam, Pho is so much more; it is not only the name of the dish but also the name of the noodle, so there are a lot of dishes made from pho that are as delicious as the typical pho soup.


The variations can be divided geographically or by the way Pho noodle is prepared. There are Northern-style pho và Southern-style pho; in the Central of Vietnam giới, the flavor of Pho is not much different but usually served with fewer herbs. Northern-style Pho looks simpler and has less fat, but the taste is delicate. Southern-style Pho is served with many more herbs. The ingredients to lớn make the broth is also different; in the North, to keep the broth clear & aromatic, they stew beef bones for as long as possible with roasted ginger, onion, Chinese chives, pepper, sometimes star anise, cinnatháng, cilantro root, và peanut worm for more subtle taste. On the other h&, in the South, besides roasted ginger, onion, pepper, they add daikon (trắng radish), dried squid, beef fat, sweet-sour sauce, và sometimes chicken bones are used instead of beef bones. The green, side dish and dipping sauce for Pho are also different. In the North, green onion, trắng onion, cilantro, lemon, & chili are used for the greens and occasionally accompanied by Chinese fried churros. While in the South, besides the greens you can find in Northern-style Pho, people also like to lớn add Vietnamese rice paddy herb, sawtooth herb, peppermint, bean sprouts & a side dish of chili sauce. You can kiểm tra out a good recipe for Pho here.

Beef is the most common meat to lớn put in Pho but in the South, & now some places in the North, they put chicken, beef meatball (bo vien), & poached egg on top. And to lớn be an expert in Pho and lớn make an impression on your friends, you can choose what kind of beef và how they are done as well, like in a steakhouse.

Some Vietnamese vocabularies you can use on your food tour to enjoy the best pho in Ho Chi Minh City: flank (nam), crunchy flank (ve don), fatty brisket (gau), tendon (gan), tripe (sach), well-done (chin), & rare (tai).


If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry, in Vietnamese cuisines, there are places for you khổng lồ try vegan Pho as well. A lot of greens are used; different kinds of mushrooms và tofu skin are cooked in the broth to lớn replace the bones and meat.

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The way Pho noodle is cooked also varies. The noodle can be bathed in a delicious heavy soup, stir-fried or pan-fried. With stir-fried Pho, the meat used is not only beef but pork & shrimp with stir-fried bok choy, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, and fried shallot. It contains a bit more fat than the Pho noodle soup but a flavorful dish you should try. Another variation is Pho noodle pan-fried. They may be served with beef soup or stir-fried beef và of course, Vietnamese herbs.

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Best Pho in Ho Chi Minch City

Ho Chi Minc City is a major economic center in Vietnam; many people from other parts of Vietphái mạnh come to lớn the thành phố khổng lồ look for better opportunities in studying and working. The đô thị has welcomed so many people and their culture that you can easily find foods - especially Pho, of many provinces here. What should you vày after hours of sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City? Fill your stomach with the famous Vietnamese food, Pho. Visit the places we recommover below, try them, và let us know if they have sầu one of the best Pho in Ho Chi Minch City.

Northern-style Pho

Pho Thin Ha Noi


Pho tai lanor sautéed rare beef noodle is Pho Thin Ha Noi’s specialty. Beef along with garlic & ginger are sautéed real quichồng in a big iron pan, put on high heat và then put on top a bowl of pho noodle, and finally, the soup is poured in. Pho Thin has a unique sense of the sautéed beef but not overpowering the other spices in the soup. They also add bean sprouts và thiông xã sweet soy sauce in their Pho tosuit the taste of Southern customers. Make sure to lớn mark this place on your các mục on your Saigon food tour when visiting Ho Chi Minch City.

Address: 170 Nguyen Dinch Chieu, District 3Opening hours: 7 AM - 2 PM and 4 PM - 10 PMPrice: VND 40,000 - VND 66,000

Pho Cao Van


Speaking of Pho Cao Van, many will remember a 90-year-old old man sitting in a corner to collect money. That is the owner Tran Van Phon. He has been selling Pho from his stalls baông xã in Hanoi and then Saigon. His first shop was opened on Tran Cao Van Street in 1952 và later moved khổng lồ Mac Dinch Chi Street. Many people consider this lớn be the closest khổng lồ authentic pho in Ho Chi Minh City. The soup is delicate, rich but doesn’t have much fat.

Address: 25 Mac Dinc Chi Street, District 1Opening hours: 6 AM - 10:30 PMPrice:VND 40,000 - VND 66,000

Pho Tau Bay


Pho Tau Bay has been running its business in Saigon since 1954 & quickly became popular with people here. The traditional Northern-style Pho isn’t served with bean sprouts & thiông xã sweet soy sauce, but khổng lồ accompany the taste of South customers, they now also serve sầu herbs in Southern-style Pho. However, the way the Pho cooked is still that of the North. They are most famous for “to lớn xe cộ lua” which is the largest bowl sizehere.

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Address: 433-435 Ly Tnhì To Street, District 10Opening hours: 6 AM - 11 AMPrice: VND 40,000 - VND 61,000

Pho Bo Phu Gia


The beef here is also sautéed with spices, so the flavor is richer than the regular rare beef. Like other Pho restaurants in Ho Chi Minch City, Pho Bo Phu Gia has a long history of over 30 years, and it has become the locals" favorite place to lớn eat. The Pho noodle here is fresh & stretchy. It is definitely where you can try the typical Northern-style Pho.

Address: 146E Ly Chinch Thang Street, District 3Opening hours: 6 AM - 11 AM & 5 PM - 10 PMPrice: VND 35,000 - VND 55,000