synonyms: snug comfortable warm homelike homey homely welcoming safe sheltered secure down-homehomestyle comfy toastysnug as a bug (in a rug)
Dưới đây là những chủng loại câu bao gồm chứa tự "cosy", trong bộ từ điển từ bỏ điển tiếng Anh. Chúng ta cũng có thể tham khảo phần đông mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần để câu với trường đoản cú cosy, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ cosy trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển tiếng Anh

1. The room was cosy.

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2. The room looked cosy & invietnamyounglions.vnting.

3. I felt nice và cosy.

4. I felt warm, cosy và contented.

5. He showed me into a cosy little room.

6. The livietnamyounglions.vnng room was warm and cosy .

7. The cosy bar has an xuất hiện fire.

8. The danger is that things get too cosy.

9. I felt all cosy tucked up in bed.

10. The log fire radiated a warm cosy glow.

11. We had a cosy chat by the fire.

12. The overall ambience of the room is cosy.

13. "Sorry to lớn barge in on your cosy evening," James said.

14. The lamplight gave a cosy glow to lớn the room.

15. 2 The overall ambience of the room is cosy.

16. 14 I felt all cosy tucked up in bed.

17. She"s got herself fixed up with a cosy flat.

18. This room is nice & cosy in the winter.

19. I felt warm & cosy sitting by the fire.

20. Amenities include a cosy bar và Internet access corner.

21. Or a cosy cuddle without all that ear-bashing.

22. The door opened lớn reveal a cosy little room.

23. We spent a cosy evening chatting by the fire.

24. They weren"t poky, they were cosy, crammed with our toys.

25. He was accused of being too cosy with some clients.

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26. There is a small cosy bar with open-air tables.

27. Cosy images of thatched country inns abound on glossy book covers.

28. The firm has a cosy relationship with the Ministry of Defence.

29. They like to make sure their guests are comfortable & cosy.

30. The film tears down the cosy myths about fair play in war.

31. One learns khổng lồ grow suspicious of cosy, predictable and sentimental prayer meetings.

32. A source from 1528 regards the "steinsitz" as a cosy ale house.

33. In the cosy consulting room the children are surrounded by familiar objects.

34. That one with the tea cosy on his head"s starting to lớn stink.

35. Some rooms offer a cosy balcony or direct access lớn the private garden.

36. The hotel offers a warm welcome, central location, cosy accommodation and soundproofed rooms.

37. Cosy room with simple elegance, with private balcony givietnamyounglions.vnng direct access lớn garden.

38. 7 In the cosy consulting room the children are surrounded by familiar objects.

39. In her own home, she replaced austere minimalism with cosy warmth and colour.

40. The bar is warm and cosy, with an xuất hiện fire & oak beams.

41. The room was warm & cosy, with a fire blazing in the hearth.

42. The room beyond was cosy, lit by three lamps & heavy with dark blue drapery.

43. Downstairs there"s a breakfast room and guests can relax in the cosy bar.

44. It"s much better lớn have a small cosy room than a big cold one.

45. The political turbulence of the 1970s and 1980s disturbed this cosy conceptualisation of things.

46. The curtains were pulled & the lamplight gave a cosy glow to lớn the room.

47. 5 The Pizzeria & the cosy restaurant Osteria Barbarossa offer local as well as Italian dishes.

48. 100 newly designed, fashionable and cosy rooms và suites, all climate controlled và sound-proofed.

49. The guest rooms are air-conditioned and set in a cosy & tasty way.

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50. Then there is China"s expansion into Africa, particularly its cosy relations with genocidal Sudan.