Dalat to nhatrang by private car


Da Lat and Nha Trang always offer travellers millions of things khổng lồ discover. And a significant part of that discovering journey is to move sầu from one place khổng lồ another. And if that’s what you are wondering about, this topic will help you answer that question.

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Nha Trang & Da Lat are ahy vọng the most attractive sầu tourist destinations with stunning scenes, so many people choose khổng lồ travel both at the same time. Most tourists choose the Nha Trang - Da Lat route for their vacation because these two places are very cthảm bại khổng lồ each other. Therefore, the question from Nha Trang to Dalat by what is the most convenient means of transportation is the question that many people wonder. So today we will Reviews and recommend travel means for you.


Da Lat, the thành phố of flowers

Nha Trang lớn Da Lat distance & travel time

Da Lat is a stunning Central Highland đô thị that’s very famous for its beautiful landscapes and a cool climate all year round. Nha Trang, an outstanding đô thị on the South Central Coast, is known for its enchanting beaches, pristine islands, as well as chất lượng cuisine.

Dalat is about 140 km or 3 hours travelling by oto on the new road QL27C, và about 180 km or 4 hours travelling on the old QL27B from the đô thị centre of Nha Trang. And to get directly to lớn Nha Trang from Da Lat, you have sầu nearly no other choice besides the private car, bus or motorbike. Actually, there are options that bởi vì exist lượt thích going hiking or biking, but we have never seen anyone vày that before. So first, we have no experience about it to lớn đánh giá, và second, those ways promise too much tiredness, và we would absolutely not recommkết thúc it lớn you.


Nha Trang lớn Da Lat travel map

How lớn travel from Nha Trang to lớn Da lat

There are many options khổng lồ travel from Nha Trang lớn Da Lat by bus, oto or motorbike, let"s learn detail each option below.

Private car

Private transportation is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá choice for travelling. Compared lớn the other transportations in Vietnam, a private car transfer can sound far more expensive sầu, but it’s actually not. By hiring a private car service, you have sầu the privilege of choosing any departure time you want, stop by anywhere in the middle of the way for taking pictures, you can also ask for different ways with more stunning views…

The table below shows you an estimated price for regular car service from Nha Trang to lớn Da La together with the inclusive and exclusives underneath. The price can change depending on the oto quality, car brvà và other included services provided by different companies. This may not be the exact price you can get, but from this, you can estimate the price range to lớn avoid being overcharged.

Car Size

Price - 1 way

Sedan - 4 seats

85 USD

Minivan - 7 seats

95 USD

Van - 16 seats

110 USD

Inclusion: A/C private oto, English speaking driver, petrol, road tolls, parking fees, wifi miễn phí, water. Moreover, baby car seats will be provided for your kid totally miễn phí of charge. So don’t forget to lớn inkhung the staff if you need it for your trip.

Exclusion: Entrance fees, meals, English speaking guide, insurance, personal expenses, tip gratuities.

Note: If you looking for a private car from Cam Ranh airport lớn your hotel in Da Lat surcharge will be applied: Sedan/SUV: 300,000vnd



A bus is the cheapest transportation tourists can think of when travelling from Nha Trang to Da Lat. This is also a very easy và comtháng way khổng lồ travel this route too. You have some bus options with different service levels, & different prices to lớn think of regular bus, sleeper bus và limousine luxury bus.

Limousine Luxury Bus: This is definitely the sort of bus you should choose for your trip khổng lồ Da Lat from Nha Trang. The bus offers you a really comfortable seat with charging ports, water, a basic English speaking driver, & pick-up & drop-off services all included in a 12 - 18 USD ticket. The travelling time of a Limousine Bus is normally shorter than the other kinds thanks khổng lồ its small kích cỡ, and flexibility on the hill roads of the Central Highlvà of Vietnam.


Regular Bus: Not too comfortable, but it’s the cheapest choice. The regular bus offers you a soft seat with quite narrow space & air conditioning. This sort of bus mostly serves the local people, so there are only a few chances that the driver or the supporting guy can speak some basic English, & probably no picking up service. The Regular Bus service will only charge you about 7 - 10 USD, that’s a really good price khổng lồ consider.

Sleeper Bus: Only a little bit higher price, Sleeper Bus offer you much better service than the regular one. A comfortable bunk berth, air conditioning, & a comfortable space lớn relax are the things you can get with only a 7 - 10 USD ticket, of course, that price’s already included the guarantee to lớn bring you from Nha Trang khổng lồ Da Lat.

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Currently, the new road Nha Trang - Hon Giao Pass - Da Lat or highway 27C has just been built with guaranteed unique & saving about 40km of distance, so many people choose for their journey. And that’s great because this highway allows motorbikes khổng lồ enter. So if you want to travel the Nha Trang - Da Lat route by motorbike and still haven’t decided which way lớn travel yet, the highway 27C is a really good option.

Replace the boring bus ride for adventure & drive-by motorxe đạp. This beautiful ride through the mountains passes impressive waterfalls, many plantations & farms, & villages where ethnic minorities still live sầu in the traditional way. In addition, when travelling by motorbike in Nha Trang, you can admire Omega Pass, a very famous new road connecting the sea & flowers.

For a basic motorxe đạp, you only have to pay 10 - đôi mươi USD a day, or 40-60 USD for the whole month. The motorxe đạp rental price is quite reasonable, however, you need khổng lồ think about this option carefully. If you are not familiar with the road, it will be quite dangerous and in case it rains, the road is really slippery too.


- If you are considering renting a private oto, just buying some tours from a travel agent is much more convenient. And sometimes that is even cheaper than booking every single service yourself. Take your bookings, the travel agents will have lớn take responsibility for all services so you will not have sầu lớn worry about booking the wrong place, or being scammed.

- Coming to the bus station at least 15-đôi mươi minutes before the departure is necessary.

- Don’t forget lớn make many copies of your personal documents & put them in all of your luggage when travelling. In case the original paper’s missing (that’s no one expect), you already have sầu the backup.

- Mind your luggage, especially when you are at the bus station. There are so many people, & sometimes, there are even some pickpockets around.

- Cheông chồng the weather forecast carefully before you decide to ride a motorxe đạp. If it’s raining, you"d better choose another way.


Recommended Nha Trang lớn Da Lat tour itinerary

From Nha Trang to Da Lat, there are so many things khổng lồ discover và several fascinating activities to vày. But if you don’t have much time, a 2 days 1-night tour from Nha Trang to lớn Da Lat and back, or a Da Lat day tour are fine choices.

If you have more time, spover at least 1 week for these 2 destinations to lớn enjoy as much as you want. 3 days in Nha Trang to lớn have enough time khổng lồ visit at least 1 island, a fishing village, vì chưng surfing, diving and anything else. 4 days in Da Lat may be enough to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of this romantic city as well as visit all attractions, enjoy local cuisines & bởi thrill recreations lượt thích rafting, ziplining,...

Or a combination of Central and South Vietphái nam tour to visit not only Nha Trang và Da Lat, but also Ho Chi Minch city or Hoi An sounds really good too.

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All in all, getting from Nha Trang to lớn Da Lat is not difficult to lớn choose the best way of transportation. Hope that you can also help you plan a perfect trip.