10 Best Day Trips From Ho Chi Minh City

The dark, dingy Cu Chi Tunnels are a chilling reminder of the events of war. Discover their secrets on this guided tour from Ho Chi Minh City.

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Delve into Vietnam’s history exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels và embrace its spectacular natural landscapes in the Mekong River Delta on this day trip.

Spover an unforgettable evening in Ho Chi Minc City: enjoy a traditional water puppet show before sailing down the Saigon River on a dinner cruise.

Sail through stunning natural landscapes, kayak downriver, visit a floating market và indulge in a Vietnamese cooking class: this Mekong Delta Tour has it all!

Let yourself be captivated by the beautiful Buddhist Temple of Vinc Trang and explore the enchanting natural landscapes of the Mekong Delta on this day trip.

Discover little-known areas of the Mekong Delta by xe đạp. Pedal around Vietnam’s famous rice paddies, visit a chất lượng temple and enjoy delicious local food.
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You"ll discover the most important places in what used lớn be the ancient đô thị of Saigon on this motorxe đạp tour around Ho Chi Minh.
Discover Cai Be Floating Market & explore the Mekong Delta around Tan Phong Island on this unmissable day trip from Ho Chi Minc City.
Climb aboard a sightseeing tourist bus và explore Ho Chi Minh. Hop on và off along the route lớn discover the city"s most important monuments.

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Indulge in the mind-blowing flavours of Vietnamese cuisine on this food tour of Ho Chi Minh City. Discover the best street food stalls by motorbike!
Discover the charming culture, beautiful beaches, & the traces of a war with this South Vietphái nam 5 Day Tour. Explore floating markets and the thành phố of love sầu.
Ho Chi Minch becomes magical at nighttime, and there is no better way lớn experience it than on a nighttime motorxe đạp tour around the city. 
Experience Vietnamese culture on this boat trip along the Mekong Delta and see the local lifestyle of the Ben Tre province.
Experience an unforgettable sunphối on this boat trip along the Saigon River - a must if you"re in Ho Chi Minh!
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Visit the Cu Chi tunnels and learn about Vietnam"s history by delving inlớn the underground passageways and firing a real weapon. 

Delve sầu into the history of Vietphái nam và discover the most important places of interest in the country"s largest thành phố with thisguided tour of Ho Chi Minch City.

Discover the secrets of Ho Chi Minc City, the old Saigon. Explore Vietnam"s most populous city, where history và modernity coexist.
Immerse yourself in the natural landscapes of the Mekong Delta on this two-day tour and discover its rice paddies, rivers và floating markets.

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Discover the beautiful landscape of the Vietnamese Highlands? Enjoy a unique adventure with this Da Lat Motorxe đạp Tour lasting 2 days. An unforgettable trip!
Immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture và history at the Teh Dar Sow in Ho Chi Minch City, performed at the iconic Saigon Opera House. 
Discover the river that runs through southeast Asia with this Mekong Delta Private Tour. Learn about traditional Vietnamese activities and the daily life.