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EDITOR’S NOTE: Please be advised that this Hong Kong travel guide hasn’t been updated to lớn reflect 2023 prices and travel guidelines. We’ll update it as soon as Hong Kong is fully reopened khổng lồ tourism. Thanks for your patience.

Hong Kong is perhaps the one country we’ve visited more times than we can remember. Its proximity makes it an ideal destination. You’d think the đô thị would thua thảm its lustre after all those visits, yet every trip seems lớn bring with it the promise of something new.

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city. Like Manhattan or Tokyo, you feel its energy the moment you land. One year between visits can feel lượt thích a lifetime in Hong Kong which is exactly how I felt when I step foot in Kowloon for the first time in three years. It felt like my first visit all over again. Such is the excitement you feel in a city as electric as Hong Kong.

Whether you’re into shopping, food, fashion, or nightlife, I hope this third edition of our Hong Kong travel guide can help you plan your trip. As you’ll quickly learn when you step foot in this city, Hong Kong has it all.

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Travelers lớn Hong Kong will be arriving at Hong Kong International Airport. There are several ways lớn get from the airport to lớn wherever you’re staying in the city.

BY AIRPORT EXPRESS: Going by train is the fastest way lớn get khổng lồ downtown from the airport, though it isn’t necessarily the most convenient. It stops only at Kowloon or Hong Kong MTR stations so you’ll need to lớn transfer to lớn get khổng lồ wherever it is you’re staying. That may not be so easy if you’re carrying a lot of luggage. You can refer khổng lồ this MTR maps to see where your stop is in relation to lớn Kowloon and Hong Kong stations. A single journey ticket usually costs HKD 105 khổng lồ Kowloon and HKD 115 to Hong Kong island, but it costs just HKD 100 and HKD 110 respectively with an Octopus thẻ (click on the link for more information). If you purchase them in advance through Klook, then you can get them at an even bigger discount, just HKD 66 lớn Kowloon and HKD 72 lớn Hong Kong Island. Follow the link to purchase Hong Kong Airport Express tickets through Klook. They offer an Airport Express & MTR travel pass bộ combo as well.

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BY AIRPORT SHUTTLE BUS: Another way lớn get lớn your hotel from the airport is by Vigor Airport Shuttle Bus. It’ll drop you off at designated hotels in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island for HKD 130 và HKD 140 respectively. But if you purchase your tickets in advance through Klook, then it’ll cost you just HKD 117 lớn either area.

BY PUBLIC BUS: This is probably the cheapest & one of the most convenient ways of getting into the city. We stayed at a relative’s place in Jordan on our first night & the A22 bus dropped us off just a few meters from her apartment. The ride took less than an hour và cost HKD 39 one way, which we paid for using our handy Octopus cards. Khổng lồ get lớn the bus terminal at the airport, make a right soon as you go through customs and walk all the way down. Take the lift or stairs down khổng lồ the first floor và exit the building. The bus terminal will be across the street on your right. If you can take a bus lớn your destination, then it’s the best way khổng lồ get back lớn the airport as well, especially if your flight is in the wee hours of the morning when the Airport Express isn’t running yet.

BY TAXI/UBER: Going by taxi or Uber is more convenient but it’s also expensive. You can refer lớn this Hong Kong xe taxi transport guide for fare estimates.

BY PRIVATE TRANSFER: If you’d rather prearrange a private transfer to lớn your khách sạn from the airport, then you can book it in advance through Klook.

Klook offer several other transfer options as well. Follow the link to kiểm tra out more airport transfer options in Hong Kong on Klook.

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This guide assumes you’ll be flying into Hong Kong but there may be other ways khổng lồ get there depending on where you are. You can go to Bookaway or use the widget below to check for options available lớn you.