Fort là gì

This period saw the establishment of a number of strongly defended forts on strategically placed high points all over the region.

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Dưới đấy là phần nhiều mẫu mã câu gồm chứa từ "fort", vào bộ tự điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta rất có thể tìm hiểu thêm các chủng loại câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống đề nghị đặt câu với từ bỏ fort, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh áp dụng trường đoản cú fort vào cỗ trường đoản cú điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. Fort Luna has fallen.

2. With the fort now under their control, the British renamed it Fort Ticonderoga.

3. They built their winter fort at Fort Clatsop, near the mouth of the Columbia.

4. 10 With the fort now under their control, the British renamed it Fort Ticonderoga.

5. The fort was evacuated.

6. Aerial photograph of Fort Carillon / Fort Ticonderoga in 1927. (Cliông chồng image to enlarge)

7. The army seized the fort.

8. The fort acquired the name "Fort Anne" in the first half of the 19th century.

9. The Fort Church, managed the Fort School from the over of the 19th century.

10. The first scenario was the fort.

11. The Fort Dix plotters are convietnamyounglions.vncted.

12. The boat anchored off the fort.

13. Battle of Fort Ridgely (21 – 22 August) – Failed Santee Sioux attaông xã on Union controlled fort.

14. The troops besieged the fort.

15. Large cannon in Bidar Fort.

16. The rebels besieged the fort.

17. His house is like Fort Knox.

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18. Battle of Spanish Fort (27 March – 8 April) – Union forces capture fort just east of điện thoại.

19. Fort McMurray (oil sands, allied industries)

đôi mươi. The fort occupies a commanding position.

21. 14 The troops besieged the fort.

22. Government forces managed khổng lồ hold the fort.

23. That year, the Portuguese gained Várzea, Sirinhaỉm, Pontal de Nazaré, the Fort of Porlớn Calvo, và Fort Maurits.

24. The fort had been hurriedly deserted.

25. The old fort was very exposed.

26. com>, the city of Fort Lauderdale.

27. Fort St. Davietnamyounglions.vnd survietnamyounglions.vnved without damage.

28. The fort flanked on a swamp.

29. They call that grit in Fort Smith?

30. Junior Bryant has to hold the fort.

31. Lochồng down all paths lớn Fort Luna.

32. One of the radios stolen from Fort Drum.

33. He didn"t just run baông chồng khổng lồ the fort!

34. They skirmished briefly with soldiers from Fort Benton.

35. The two nations saw each others" advances as incursions and tried khổng lồ match each other fort for fort around Louisiamãng cầu.

36. The old fort flanked on a swamp.

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37. Fort Donelson, on the Cumberland River, was more defensible than Henry, and Navy assaults on the fort were ineffective sầu.