Hon son island


Kien Giang’s Hon Son Islvà located between Hon Tre Island and Nam Du Archipelago, about 65km from the west of Rach Gia City with an area of 11.5 km2, is now home to lớn more than 9,000 households. Previously, the islvà was named Hon Rai because there was an abundance of the otter living here.

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Considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Kien Giang, Hon Son is now a new hidden gem for the nature-loving tourists. With its natural pristine beauty, graceful beautiful beaches reflecting the vast ocean, Hon Son appears as a sparkling jewel surrounded by coconut groves along the beach with a wild look, no trace of mining.


It is also known as “coconut island” since there are a lot of coconuts growing from the beach up to the hill. Biking along the coast under the tilting coconut shadow, next lớn the sea is the best experience. Besides, tourists will be surprised by the natural stone blocks with different shapes, lượt thích dolphins, turtles, lying under the clear water.


Hon Son Isl& offers many clean sandy beaches, namely, Bai Bang, Bai Nha, Ban Thien Tue, Bai Gieng & Bai Bac… and each of them has its own beauty. However, among those beaches, Bai Bang is the most fantastic one on the islvà with a long stretch of the trắng sandngân hàng, endless coconuts, & gentle waves, making it perfect for swimming.

This isl& also offers a variety of exciting activities such as swimming, diving, fishing và exploring marine life. For more adventurous, tourists can conquer the top of majestic Ma Thien Lanh Mount with 450m above sầu the sea cấp độ where you will find panoramic views of the island, go trekking khổng lồ explore 11sq km forest with a diversity of plants & animals or visit historical sites on the island like Lai Son God Temple, Hai Son Pagoda.


Due to its unspoiled & untouched nature, there are no more choices of accommodation. You can camp on the beach or choose a homestay with the locals. Homestay and guesthouses are located quite cchiến bại to lớn the beach so it is very convenient khổng lồ walk lớn the sea. However, if you visit Hon Son Isl& at the weekends or on holiday, rethành viên to lớn book accommodations in advance.

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The best time to lớn visit Hon Son is from May lớn December when the weather is quite calm & there is a lot of fresh & cheap seafood like squid, shrimp, và crab. This isl& can be only reached by ferry. From Ho Chi Minch City, you can take a 50-minute flight khổng lồ Rach Gia Airport and then go khổng lồ Rach Gia Pier. You can also take a bus or private car and head directly lớn Rach Gia Pier; it will take about 6 hours. Once you arrive in Rach Gia Pier, catch either Superdong Speedboat or Ngoc Tkhô cứng Ferry lớn Hon Son Islvà.







Ngoc Thanh

Rach Gia – Hon Son



135,000 VND

95,000 VND

Hon Son – Rach Gia




Rach Gia – Hon Son



140,000 VND

100,000 VND

Hon Son – Rach Gia



In the absence of modern hotels, luxury restaurants or high-kết thúc services, homestay is a good option for visitors. The communal People’s Committee is working with relevant agencies khổng lồ provide training on communication skills and tourist services for businesses và households which want to lớn vì tourism activities. In the short term, the local authority will focus on home-stay service, protecting the environment và natural landscapes và ensuring safety for visitors so that Hon Son will truly become an attractive sầu & friendly destination.


There are also some guesthouses available in Hon Son Isl& such as Tam Ca, Klặng Ngan, Hong Dao, Beach Guesthouse, Resort Bai Da Chai; however, their rooms are very limited & toilets are separated.


- Cheông chồng the weather forecast before departure. The weather information is essential for your trip to lớn the beach because you have khổng lồ go by ship. Port operating office will ban all ships sailing because of the rough sea, big wave sầu, and strong wind. Before traveling to lớn Hon Son or other islands in Kien Giang such as Hon Tre, Nam Du, you should refer to information on the weather forecast. If wind speed in cấp độ 7 or higher, the ship will not the departure. If you get seasiông xã, you shouldn’t travel on the day of strong wind.

- Visitors can rent a motorbike or boat to lớn explore the islvà and beach surrounding.

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Note: By the time of publishing this article, foreign tourists are still waiting for approval to come to lớn Hon Son Isl&. You may kiểm tra with our Vietnam Tour’s travel consultants for further information or advice of the other tentative sầu.