Best dalgona coffee recipe


Dalgona coffee is a whipped, frothy iced coffee drink made with instant coffee, sugar, water, và milk. Also known as "whipped coffee", "frothy coffee", or "fluffy coffee", dalgomãng cầu coffee has two distinct layers made from whipped coffee cream sitting on top of iced milk.

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What Is Dalgomãng cầu Coffee?

Dalgona coffee is a whipped, frothy iced coffee drink made with instant coffee, sugar, water, & milk. Dalgona coffee has two distinct layers made from whipped coffee cream sitting on top of iced milk. As a result, folks also Hotline dalgomãng cầu coffee by other names like “whipped coffee”, “frothy coffee”, or “fluffy coffee.”

What does dalgona coffee taste like?

If I had khổng lồ describe dalgona’s coffee taste, it would be this: yes, it tastes kindomain authority lượt thích a Starbucks Frappucino. In the best way possible. It’s less icy & milkshakey, somehow? Actually, maybe it’s more lượt thích those Starbucks iced cloud macchiatos—except the coffee is the cloud instead! It mostly tastes like milky iced coffee, but with a layer of foam that’s reminiscent of the frothy milk in espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

How do you drink dalgomãng cầu coffee?

When I first shared my tutorial for dalgomãng cầu coffee on my Instagram tài khoản, I received one snarky comment: “But how vày you drink it?!”

The commenter argued that doing so would be a logistical nightmare. Specifically: drinking through a straw would only enable you to lớn taste one layer at a time, whereas drinking without one would leave you with a nasty coffee foam mustabít. I patiently explained that you stir the drink before drinking for best results. The commenter then clapped back—how was that any different from just drinking instant coffee the regular way?

But here’s the thing: recipes instruct you to make dalgona coffee by whipping together instant coffee, sugar, và hot water. You then keep whipping until it turns into lớn a coffee-flavored whipped cream/marshmallowy meringue. Even when stirred with the iced milk, this coffee cream keeps its frothy, fluffy texture. It creates a drink that’s more similar khổng lồ a Starbucks Frappucino than a drip coffee or instant coffee from a vending machine.

Why is dalgomãng cầu coffee popular?

Dalgomãng cầu coffee recently started trending in South Korea in February 2020. Folks started making dalgona coffee at home page to lớn replace their typical coffee siêu thị routines. Along the way, many shared short video clip tutorials on TikTok and Instagram using the hashtags #dalgonacoffee and #달고나커피. These videos were a hit. In fact, one of the first dalgona coffee tutorials on YouTube now has over 4 million views.

The dalgona coffee trend arrived later in the United States at around mid-March. Ben Mims, the cooking columnist for the Los Angeles Times, described how the drink went viral in South Korea. I discovered the drink after a frikết thúc of mine, Edd from
theboywhobakes, shared Ben’s article on Instagram Stories. A few days later, dalgomãng cầu coffee really took off in the States. Many popular websites lượt thích Vice & The Cut published their own recipes & similar articles a week later.

Why is it called “dalgona” coffee?

Dalgona coffee gets its name from dalgona, a spongy South Korean coffee candy. I actually got lớn try some when I was in South Korea this past December. It is similar to lớn the type of honeycomb found in American Butterfinger or British Cadbury Crunchie candy bars. The candy has a bubbly texture and surface, appearing very similar lớn the pockmarked texture of dalgomãng cầu coffee foam against the side of a glass.

Although I know this drink as “dalgona coffee”, I’ve sầu seen many tutorials that gọi it by other names. The most comtháng variations include names that describe the coffee’s appearance: “fluffy coffee”, “frothy coffee”, và “whipped coffee.”

Where is dalgomãng cầu coffee from?

Okay, this question is the reason why it took me so long to lớn publish the accompanying blog post to lớn my dalgona coffee Instagram tutorial last week. Although it recently resurged in popularity in South Korea, it’s not actually from South Korea. But when I was researching the origins of dalgomãng cầu coffee, & simply could NOT find a clear answer. But many of my Instagram followers from all around the world commented that they had something similar in their countries & cultures. Here’s a round-up of places that have sầu a similar drink:

India and Pakistan

Both India và Pakischảy has a “beaten coffee” recipe that’s very similar khổng lồ dalgona coffee. Similar lớn dalgomãng cầu coffee, recipes instruct you to lớn beat instant coffee và hot water together khổng lồ create the frothy coffee. The frothy coffee is then served with hot milk, a selection of spices, và salternative text. In India, this drink is also known as an “Indian style cappucino.”


Frappé coffee is a Greek iced coffee made from instant coffee, water, and sugar. Recipes instruct you to lớn shake the ingredients together lớn create the frothy coffee cream, and serve sầu it over crushed ice. While dalgona coffee recipes instruct you to lớn whisk the ingredients together by hand or with a mixer, frappé coffee recipes instruct you lớn make it with a cocktail shaker. Very cool.


According khổng lồ the Wikipedia article for dalgomãng cầu coffee, a South Korean actor named Jung Il-Woo was primarily responsible for dalgona coffee’s popularity in South Korea. At the start of the year, Jung Il-Woo visited Macau. Later, in interviews, he described that while he had encounter a coffee beverage that reminded him of dalgomãng cầu candy while in Macau.

Now tell me—did I miss any other places? Let me know in the comments & I can update the các mục accordingly!

Ingredients khổng lồ Make Dalgona Coffee

Now that I’ve sầu convinced you to lớn make dalgona coffee, here is the shopping menu khổng lồ make this dalgomãng cầu coffee recipe:

Dalgona Coffee Recipe Shopping List

instant coffeesugar (granulated is preferred, but brown và coconut sugar will work)icecow or alternative sầu plant-based milk

And let’s talk about these key ingredients and their substitutions:

Instant Coffee

You need 2 Tablespoons instant coffee to make dalgomãng cầu coffee. Yes, instant coffee is key lớn this dalgona coffee recipe. Don’t be a coffee snob!

Can I use ground coffee from coffee beans or a pre-ground coffee bag?

No! It won’t work if you use fancy ground coffee, no matter how finely you grind it.

Contrary khổng lồ popular belief, instant coffee and ground coffee are different things! Ground coffee is made by grinding coffee beans inlớn a coarse or fine powder. You can easily make ground coffee at trang chủ with a coffee grinder.

Instant coffee, on the other h&, is made from whole coffee beans that are roasted, ground, và brewed. The water is then removed from the brewed coffee either by flash-heat drying or freeze-drying, leaving behind dehydrated crystals. You then add water baông xã khổng lồ these crystals to lớn make a cup of coffee.So while ground coffee literally looks like ground up coffee, instant coffee looks more like Demerara or raw sugar crystals. Most folks are unable to make instant coffee crystals at home (since you’d need a freeze-dried machine to lớn do so).

So why does this recipe only work with instant coffee?

I’ve sầu also been researching why the recipe only works with instant coffee. The best explanation I found was in this Reddit thread. A biochemist explained that the frothiness can be attributed khổng lồ emulsifiers (specifically, soy lecithin) added to lớn the coffee dehydration process.

Between you & me, I have no idea if this is legit. But I’m inclined to lớn think that it’s true. Why? Several years ago, when I was trying khổng lồ reverse-engineer a recipe for chewy cocoa brownies for my book, I read the ingredients of many different box set brownies. No matter how much I replicated their ingredients, I could never get the consistency of my batter khổng lồ be the same as that of a box phối. I was missing the key ingredient: soy lecithin, the emulsifier the biochemist credits.

Can I use the coffee in a K-Cup or a coffee pod?

No, sorry. The coffee inside K-Cups or coffee is equivalent khổng lồ ground coffee. It won’t work for the same reasons I described above sầu.

Can I use instant espresso instead of instant coffee?

Yes! My frikết thúc Edd used instant espresso for his dalgona coffee variation and it worked lượt thích a charm. However, I think that instant espresso tends khổng lồ be stronger than instant coffee—you may want to lớn halve the recipe lớn reduce the drink’s overall intensity.

Can I use this technique with other ingredients lượt thích matthân phụ (green tea powder) or instant tea?

No—take it from my experience. I’ve sầu also tried to lớn make that signature foam with other ingredients like matphụ vương powder & instant Tnhị tea powder. Neither worked. Again, the foaming comes specifically from the way instant coffee is processed—see the section above for more information.

What’s the best instant coffee to use for dalgona coffee?

Gah, I honestly don’t know. I live in Portl&, Oregon, & as a result, I’m a low key coffee snob. It’s pretty embarrassing. I’m the kind of coffee drinker who only makes coffee at trang chính with a French press, whose favorite local roaster is Heart because “I lượt thích the Scandinavian style of light roasting better”, & the pretentious jerk who drags you khổng lồ places like Felt Coffee in Seoul & Arabica Coffee in Kyolớn. I never thought I would fall in love sầu with a coffee drink made out of instant coffee, lol.

So, when standing in the instant coffee aisle of the supermarket, I panicked và just bought the cheapest container of instant coffee I could find. It was Folgers Instant Coffee. It works well in this recipe. Is it the best? I have sầu no idea. This article is probably better in helping you figure it out.

That being said, a few of you guys reported that you made this recipe with Starbucks instant coffee. Many of you didn’t like it. But that’s not dalgomãng cầu coffee’s fault, I promise! Starbucks instant coffee is traditionally more bitter than other instant coffee. I suggest going with another brand.


You need 2 Tablespoons sugar to lớn make dalgomãng cầu coffee.

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The sugar in the recipe helps stabilize the foam và whip it up to its utmost fluffiest state. But watch out—you use the exact same amount of sugar as you vì instant coffee. If you are a black coffee drinker or like plain coffee drinks like cappucinos và Americanos, it’s likely you’ll find dalgona coffee too sweet.

Do I have sầu to lớn use sugar for dalgona coffee?

TECHNICALLY you can skip the sugar, but I don’t recommkết thúc it. While the coffee cream DOES whip up, it doesn’t get as light, fluffy, and stable as the coffee cream you see in my pictures. Because in addition to flavor, the sugar is definitely there to help whip the coffee up inkhổng lồ a foamy, meringue-like structure. Without the sugar, yours will never look as fluffy & airy as mine. If you insist on reducing the sugar, I wouldn’t reduce it past 1 tablespoon.

You can also substitute the sugar with other types of sugar. Although dalgona coffee is traditionally made with White granulated sugar, I’ve sầu successfully made it with brown sugar (however: it never got as airy và creamy as it did when I made it Trắng sugar). Other Instagram followers of mine have also reported successes with coconut sugar & artificial sweeteners lượt thích stevia và xylitol granules. See more information below.

Can I use brown sugar or coconut sugar instead of White sugar for dalgomãng cầu coffee?

Yes! You can use either light or dark brown sugar for dalgomãng cầu coffee, along with coconut sugar. I’ve done it before and it’s plenty tasty—however, note that the coffee doesn’t whip up quite as well as it does with white sugar. That’s because both brown sugar & coconut sugar are “heavier” than White sugar & contain more moisture. You can see a visual representation of this over on my friover Cassy’s blog, where she experimented making dalgomãng cầu recipe with various White sugar substitutes.

Can I use a non-refined sugar alternative lượt thích stevia or xylitol for dalgomãng cầu coffee?

Yes, technically, you can. However, your dalgomãng cầu coffee won’t whip up as well as mine. You can see a visual representation of this over on my friover Cassy’s blog, where she experimented making dalgona recipe with various trắng sugar substitutes.

Hot Water

You need 2 Tablespoons hot water khổng lồ make dalgomãng cầu coffee.

This dalgona coffee recipe works best if the water is hot, hot, HOT và fresh from being recently boiled. The hot water will help dissolve both the instant coffee và sugar instantly, leading khổng lồ a frothier, fluffier dalgona coffee.


You need 1 cup cow’s or alternative plant-based milk to make dalgomãng cầu coffee.

The LA Times dalgomãng cầu coffee recipe instructs you lớn scoop the dalgomãng cầu coffee cream over a glass of 1 cup of milk & iced cubes. This is where you have flexibility in the recipe. For folks who want a stronger cup of coffee, use less milk (however, because of dalgona coffee’s intensity, I wouldn’t recommend anything less than ½ cup. For those who want lớn keep things light và sweet, use as much milk as you need.

Can I use non-dairy milk?

Yes! You can use non-dairy alternatives for dalgona coffee. I personally like the coffee cream best when it’s paired with cow’s milk, oat milk, & nut milk.

Can I use hot milk?

Yes! Like I said before, in India, they serve sầu a variation of this drink but with hot coffee. It is called an Indian cappuccino.

How to Make Dalgomãng cầu Coffee

It is super easy lớn make dalgona coffee. All you need khổng lồ bởi is:

Combine the instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. (Prep Time: 1 minute) If you’re using a stand mixer to lớn whisk the ingredients together, combine them in the st& mixer bowl. This recipe works best if you combine the dry ingredients (the instant coffee và sugar) first, then add the water và immediately proceed to the next step. Whisk, whisk, whisk until the coffee is light và fluffy! (Work Time: 3 minutes)If you’re using a stand or electric mixer, it’s likely that the ingredients will whip up inkhổng lồ a cream in less time, about 1 lớn 2 minutes. If you’re using your own man power và whisking by h& (which, I see you and respect you), it’ll likely take longer, about 3 khổng lồ 5 minutes. In either case, the longer và more vigorously you whisk the mixture, the fluffier and airier it will be.

Recipe Troubleshooting và FAQ

FAQ: Tools to lớn Make Dalgomãng cầu Coffee

What tools vày I need lớn make dalgona coffee?

Technically, you can get away with just using a whisk and your arms lớn make dalgomãng cầu coffee cream. But oh boy, get ready for a workout! By h&, you’ll be whipping for at least 2 lớn 3 minutes. More if you want your coffee khổng lồ look as fluffy as mine. And yes, in my Instagram Story tutorial, I whipped mine by hand—but don’t compare. I literally vì chưng this for a living. Not lớn mention vị a HIIT workout five days a week, và roông chồng climb on the other two. I have weirdly svào arms & good cardiovascular endurance.

So, TL/DR, you don’t need lớn be a anh hùng. You can use the following tools instead & make your life much, much easier:

Caveat about that last one: while you can make a perfectly fluffy Dalgomãng cầu coffee cream with an electric milk frother, it takes twice as long lớn whip it up than if you were lớn use a st& mixer or handheld one. Just be warned!

For more specific recommendations, check out this interview I did for CNN on how to lớn make dalgona coffee!

FAQ: Dalgomãng cầu Coffee Recipe Results

Why didn’t the dalgona coffee recipe work?

First, check your coffee. This recipe does NOT work with ground coffee. It only works with instant.

Now, let’s talk water. Remember: hot water helps dissolve sầu both the instant coffee và the sugar more quickly, helping it whip up inlớn its foamy state. The hotter the water, the better. You want the water khổng lồ be freshly boiled.

Finally, how long and how much did you whisk for? If you didn’t whisk for long enough, keep going—the mixture will eventually thicken. If it has thickened but doesn’t look as fluffy as mine, it’s likely that you either haven’t done it for long enough or haven’t been doing it vigorously enough. The more you whip and the faster you vị it from the get go, the fluffier the coffee will be.

Why does your dalgomãng cầu coffee look fluffier than mine?

Did you use a different sugar? Like I said above sầu, this recipe works best with trắng sugar—although you’ll still get decent results with brown sugar, coconut sugar, và some sugar alternatives, they don’t whip up as airy and fluffy as Trắng sugar.

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Beyond that, I’m a freaking maniac, baby. The more you whip & the faster you bởi it after combining all the ingredients together, the fluffier your dalgomãng cầu coffee will be. This is why it’s handy lớn use an electric mixer. Immediately after combining the ingredients, turn on your mixer and whisk, whisk, WHISK at a medium-high tốc độ. The only downside to lớn doing this is that the ingredients have a tendency to splatter from the bowl—you can use one of those fancy bowl covers (they have them for both st& mixers và handheld mixers), or just throw a towel around the top of the bowl to lớn catch splatters.