Mekong delta guided tour from hcm city with vinh trang



This tour package starts from hồ nước Chí đưa ra City; you will spend two week time along the country up lớn the North of nước ta and ends at Hà Nội. It offers an intensive holiday experience by visiting most of the country highlights include: Mekong Delta – lower part of the legendary Mekong River, Củ chi Tunnels – Among đứng top 7 underground destinations in the world, the road of heritage sites in Central nước ta – Hội An accident town, Mỹ đánh holly land, Huế Royal Citadel. Admire Hạ Long bay – one of 7 world natural wonders, ninh bình – a perfect combination of rivers and rice paddies.

Itinerary In Brief

Day 1Hồ Chí Minh city – ArrivalPick-up & transfer to your hotel
Day 2Hồ Chí Minh CityHighlights of tp sài thành and Củ đưa ra Tunnels
Day 3Hồ Chí Minh CityDiscover Mekong Delta
Day 4Hồ Chí Minh thành phố – Đà Nẵng – Hội AnTake a 70-minute flight
Day 5Hội AnHighlights of Hội An Ancient Town & Mỹ tô Sanctuary
Day 6Hội An – HuếVisit khổng lồ the elaborate tombs of emperors từ bỏ Đức & Khải Định
Day 7Huế – Hà NộiExplore the Royal Imperial City
Day 8Hà NộiHighlights of Hà Nội
Day 9Hà Nội – Hạ Long BayOvernight Cruise on Hạ Long Bay
Day 10Hạ Long bay – Hà NộiAdmire Hạ Long bay at dawn
Day 11Hà Nội – Mai ChâuExperience local life at Lac Village & its homestay
Day 12Mai Châu – Ninh BìnhEnjoy the beautiful journey downhill from Mai Châu to Ninh Bình
Day 13Ninh Bình – Hà NộiImmerse yourself in nature of Vân Long Lagoon
Day 14Hà Nội – DepatureTransfer lớn the airport


Upon arrival Tân Sơn độc nhất International Airport, you will be greeted by your local guide & accompanied lớn the khách sạn for kiểm tra in. Your time is free at leisurely.

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Overnight in tp hcm City.

DAY 02: HỒ CHÍ MINH CITY/ Highlights of sài thành and Củ đưa ra Tunnels (B/L)

Breakfast is served at your hotel. Your guide will pick you up at hotel and spend your delightful morning lớn discover city highlights. Your visits will include, in no specific order:

Independence Palace (*) was rebuilt after an unsuccessful coup by bombing in 1962 that destroyed almost the entire old building, which had been built by the French colonial government in 1871. During the nước ta War (1955 – 1975), this was also well known as The Presidential Palace, the most powerful symbol of South việt nam until April 30, 1975.

War Remnants Museum (*), a must-see attraction for most visitors, was founded on September 4, 1975. It was first named “Exhibition House for U.S. Và Puppet Crimes”. In 1990, the name was changed to “Exhibition House for Crimes of War & Aggression”. In 1995, a week before an announcement by the U.S. President, Bill Clinton, for the normalization of diplomatic relations, the name was changed to War Remnants Museum, as we all know it now.

Central Post Office, built between 1886 và 1891, is one of the best examples of classical French colonial architecture mixing with Eastern decoration style. There are two painted maps that were created just after the Post Office was built; one map is titled “Telegraphic lines of Southern nước ta and Cambodia 1892”, & the other is titled “Sài Gòn và its surroundings 1892”.

Notre Dame Cathedral of sử dụng Gòn, constructed between 1863 và 1880, has two bell towers, reaching a height of 58 meters (190 feet). Most of the original building materials were imported from France. After nearly 140 years in use, the building has been in renovations since July 2017, which will continue until the kết thúc of 2023. During this time, we are not able to lớn go inside, but a beautiful view from outside is also worth paying a visit.

Jade Emperor Pagoda, built in 1909 in honor of the supreme Taoist God, is one of the most spectacularly atmospheric temples in sử dụng Gòn. There are many ancient works of art for worship, such as paintings, statues, panels, exquisite carvings… made from wood, pottery và pasteboard.

Lunch is served at a local restaurant before driving about 1,5 hours through the pleasant countryside to lớn Củ Chi. We may stop along the way for refreshments và toilet.

Upon arrival, you’ll watch a brief of propaganda video, which explains how the tunnels were used khổng lồ successfully defeat American military forces in combat. The tour continues và the guide explains some traps that were placed in the jungles of nước ta to either maim American soldiers or create panic amongst the ranks.

From here, you can enter one of the tunnel entrances & crawl through the tunnels, a real experience to imagine how people could live there for an extended period!

There is a shooting range where you can try lớn fire an automatic or semi-automatic weapon for a fee (this fee is not included). Take some rest at the end for a taste of Củ đưa ra boiled tapioca and thinking what humans are capable of when having to lớn defend their home.

After that, we complete the tour excursion by taking you back to lớn your hotel. Your evening is không tính phí at leisure.

Overnight in hcm City.


Breakfast is served at your hotel. Your guide will pick you up at hotel, & drive 2 hours to lớn Bến Tre Town. We will stop along the way for refreshments và toilet.

Upon arrival, we board a motor-boat & cruise along a vast network of canals and channels lớn enjoy wonderful views of life along the Mekong River. Stop at a brick kiln, where the locals work among clusters of beehive-shaped structures that churn out millions of bricks each year in handy traditional style. They offer a fascinating glimpse at a local industry.

Crossing the River khổng lồ the other side, we will stop at a traditional workshop to lớn witness a step-by-step process on how lớn make coconut candy while trying some yourself.

Visit a local family to see where they make traditional mats and enjoy some fruits & tea. It is a chance to interact with local people to lớn know more about rural life. Enjoy what local people offer by hand-rowing a sampan along the shady, breezy canal. Take a motor cart or cycle ride on shady roads, pass by green fields & vegetable plantations, and find out about tropical culture from the villagers.

Lunch will be served at a riverside restaurant with a Vietnamese 5-course mix menu. Please request in advance if you have a food allergy, you are a vegetarian, or you observe Halal.

After that, we drive back to tp hcm city và drop you back to hotel. Your evening is miễn phí leisurely.

Overnight in hồ chí minh City.

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Breakfast is served at your hotel. After that, your driver will pick you up & transfer to Tân Sơn duy nhất Airport for taking a flight khổng lồ Đà Nẵng city.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a local guide và transfer lớn a restaurant for having lunch. After that, we visit lớn the famous Museum of chăm Sculpture where displays approximately 300 sculptures, among which some are made from terracotta from the period between the 5th and 15th.

We leave Đà Nẵng City and continue driving to lớn Hội An. We stop on the way for seeing the Marble Mountain & its non nước Stone Carving Village, where the local skillful sculptors create many marble products which are exported lớn many countries worldwide.

Upon arrival Hội An, we drop you at khách sạn for checking in. Your evening is không tính phí to discover this charming town at leisure.

Overnight in Hội An.


Breakfast is served at your hotel. Your morning start with a drive through the countryside to lớn Mỹ đánh Holy Land, a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO in 1999, which located about 50km southwest of Hội An in a lush valley, Mỹ sơn was a capital và religious center of siêng people, now remaining with red brick towers and sanctuaries. Mỹ sơn is considered to lớn be in the same league as some of Southeast Asia’s greatest archaeological sites, including Angkor in Cambodia, Bagan in Myanmar, Ayutthaya in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện and Borobudur in Indonesia. These towers and sanctuaries were built from the 7th to 13th centuries.

Lunch is served at a local restaurant.

Your afternoon start with a walking excursion around tiny town of Hội An for your visits to lớn a 400 years old Japanese Bridge, a 300 years old Chinese temple, a 200 years old Vietnamese former merchants’ house & etc.

We can drop you back khổng lồ your khách sạn at the over of the tour excursion, or you can continue to lớn explore the town by your own.

Overnight in Hội An.

Breakfast is served at your hotel. We say goodbye khổng lồ Hội An and set our drive across the spectacular Hải Vân pass & the scenic fishing village of Lăng Cô lớn Huế.

Lunch is served at a local restaurant.

After that, we discover the South of Huế, where there are eight splendid royal tombs of the Nguyễn Emperors, situated among the hills on the banks of the Perfume River. Often designed while the emperor was still alive, each mausoleum was built khổng lồ serve as a palace for the afterlife. Among them, the Tomb of Emperor từ Đức, with its lotus-filled lake and central pavilion & the simple & serene Tomb of Khải Định are the most interesting.

We complete today tour excursion by driving you to hotel for checking in. Your evening is miễn phí at leisurely.

Overnight in Huế.

Breakfast is served at your hotel. Today, you’ll learn about the former imperial capital of Việt Nam. We start the tour excursion by taking a boat trip on the romantically named Perfume River visits Huế’s best-known religious sites, Thiên Mụ Pagoda. Then continue to lớn discover Imperial Citadel from where the Nguyễn’s Dynasty ruled between 1802 & 1945 including Flag Tower, Noon Gate, Nine Dynastic Urns, Nine Holy Cannons, bầu Hoa Palace, & Forbidden Purple City.

Lunch is served at a local restaurant.

After lunch, we will say goodbye to lớn Huế & transfer lớn Phú bài airport for taking a flight to Hà Nội. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a local guide và transfer lớn your hotel for checking in and không tính phí evening at leisurely.

Overnight in Hà Nội.

Breakfast is served at your hotel. Your guide will pick you up at hotel and spend your delightful day khổng lồ discover city highlights. Your visits will include, in no specific order:

Hồ Chí Minh Complex: Completed in 1975, the complex includes hồ Chí Minh’s Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, House-on-Stilts, và the sài gòn Museum.

The Temple of Literature: Originally built as a temple to Confucius, this is the site of Việt Nam’s first University dating back lớn 1070. Inside are the stone steles mounted on the backs of turtles, inscribed with names of vn best scholars.

Museum of Ethnology: This museum is widely acknowledged as the best in the country và has an extensive display dedicated lớn Việt Nam’s 54 Ethnic minority peoples.

Ngọc sơn Temple & Hoàn kiếm Lake: The Ngọc tô temple is mix on a tiny island on the trả Kiếm Lake, its history dating back to lớn the 13th century. The temple is reached by crossing the Thê Húc Bridge which literally means the ‘Place Touched by Morning Sunbeams’. The trả Kiếm Lake is the local point of the city and the source of many legends.

Lunch is served at a local restaurant. After that, you’ll have one hour Cyclo tour through the Old Quarter: Also known as the 36 streets, this bustling area of narrow streets is home to literally thousands of small businesses và shopkeepers.

We complete today tour excursion by taking you back to hotel for your evening không tính phí at leisurely.

Overnight in Hà Nội.

Breakfast is served at your hotel. We check-out early and ready at hotel lobby. Your guide & shuttle bus will pick you up & transfer about 3 hours lớn Hạ Long cất cánh including a 20-minute stop on the way.

Arrive at the jetty in Hạ Long City towards noon and proceed with check-in formalities. After a welcome onboard, lunch will be served while cruising towards the bay itself. In the afternoon, enjoy some visits and/or activities (depending on each boat’s itinerary) or just spend some time relaxing on board. Towards the over of the day the boat sets anchor for the night among the karsts formations. Dinner is served on board.

Overnight in a selected cruise on Hạ Long Bay.

Wake to the sun peeking over the horizon & see the cất cánh at first light. Watch as vendors paddle their small sampans teeming with goods lớn the nearby boats & villages. On returning khổng lồ Hạ Long City, enjoy a wholesome brunch as the boat cruises through uniquely-shaped limestone rock formations. Disembark and be greeted by the driver for a transfer back lớn Hà Nội.

We arrive at tp. Hà nội around 4:00p.m.

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, check-in hotel; and you’ll have your không tính phí time to lớn explore the city at leisure.

Overnight in Hà Nội.

Breakfast is served at your hotel. We leave tp. Hà nội a 2 hour drive heading south-west of hòa bình Province, where we will visit a Mường village. After having met the local villagers, drive back to tự do town for lunch. We continue driving to Mai Châu valley và arrive there late afternoon. Check in the local home stay at Lac village. The rest of your time is không tính tiền at your leisure to lớn explore the village by your own. Tonight, you will have dinner at a local house’s family.