La gi, vietnam 2023: best places to visit


Unspoiled, idyllic, & local, La Gi is becoming Southern Vietnam’s up-and-coming backpacker destination. In La Gi, locals frequently outnumber foreigners. Though, the small-town vibe hasn’t put a damper on La Gi’s tourist activity.

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Rather, a laid-back atmosphere, friendly locals, & affordable seafood have encouraged travelers to lớn visit La Gi và trod on paths that are lesser-known. While tourism in La Gi is less developed, there is still a lot khổng lồ see and do in this beachside community. With sun, sand, and surf, adventure awaits in La Gi.

Hidden Gem of the Bình Thuân Province

Fishing boats in La Gi, Vietnam. Photo: Graham Bland

Bordered by two districts and the South china Sea, La Gi is located in Vietnam’s South Central Coast region. There are 5 wards & 4 communes in La Gi with all communities being governed as a district-level town in the Bình Thuân Province. The oceanside location of the town allows La Gi to be connected lớn other communities by a coastal road which runs from Bình Châu khổng lồ Phuóc Hai, Dât Do.

From Ho chi Minh City, driving lớn La Gi takes just over 3 hours as the beach town is about 95 miles (153 kilometers) away. Flights & trains to La Gi are uncommon and oftentimes they bởi vì not have a reliable, working schedule. The easiest way to lớn get khổng lồ La Gi is by bus or private car. Buses are more affordable than a taxi or private driver but may take up lớn 1 hour longer.


La Gi has always been an important beach town where people make money from fishing, trading, và tourism. Originally founded as a small village, La Gi grew to lớn become the provincial capital of Bình Tuy. For years, the Bình tuy Province flourished until the mid-1970s, when the area was reconfigured. Bình tuy was integrated into what would become the Bình Thuân Province.

Locals frequently recount tales from the days of the Vietnam War, though official recordings of conflicts và battles are nearly non-existent. Unlike other coastal communities, La Gi was no colonized before or after the war. The lack of French and American attention aided La Gi by keeping the town’s popularity lớn a low level.

Coco Beach – 1969. Photo: manhhai

Since La Gi stayed off the radar for so long, the town’s history as a tourist destination isn’t very extensive. In recent years, La Gi has seen a spike in interest as young international travelers are quickly becoming common visitors, however, most days, La Gi is relatively quiet. With fewer tourists, La Gi is one of South Vietnam’s best destinations for crowd-free travel.

Fun Facts

La Gi has a total area of 70.59 square milesThe population of La Gi is estimated lớn be 112,558 peopleLa Gi’s coastline stretches for over 17 miles (28 kilometers)

Main Attractions

As a coastal destination, La Gi’s 17 miles of trắng sand has become the town’s main attraction. Beaches in La Gi are secluded, pristine, and uncrowded. With no big resorts or marinas, nature is at the center of attention. There are quite a few activities và visitors can choose from a broad range of options. Whether on or off the sand, La Gi keeps its guests entertained.

Beach Life

Having fun in the sand is a staple activity for any beach vacation. Luckily for tourists, La Gi has a few different beaches that have become popular spots where people can spend the day lounging in the sand, playing in the water, or dining on the shore. Though travelers only need khổng lồ hop along the coastline to lớn visit the beaches, the area’s two favorite sandy spots are Cam Bình & Coco Beachcamp.

Cam Bình, or the Bathing Beach, is one of the best beaches to visit in La Gi & it is only about 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) away from the center of town. Cam Bình is known for its colorful coral reef, which is home to a vast array of marine wildlife, making snorkeling & scuba diving vị trí cao nhất activities for visitors.

After a fun day at the ocean, visitors can head lớn any one of the beach’s restaurants to lớn taste the fresh, delicious, and cooked to lớn order seafood. Less touristy than Cam Bình, Coco Beachcamp has become La Gi’s đứng top choice for young backpackers looking to socialize and have fun. The beach is famous for its parties where guests are invited to lớn partake in various games và activities.

While Coco Beachcamp’s parties may not be world-famous, they have attracted an impressive lineup of international & local DJs. Partygoers can stay the night in tents or trailers that are set up on the sand.

Hire a Guide

Lounging on the beach is always an enjoyable way to spend a vacation, but sometimes it feels good to get up và be active too. Visitors who want to lớn snorkel, scuba dive, surf, windsurf, or paraglide are encouraged khổng lồ hire a local guide for a full or half-day. Not only will local guides lead you to the suitable beach for your activity, but they can also provide important gear too.

Boat tours are also available và depending on the season, fishing tours may also be an option.

Visit the Reclining Buddha and Pagoda

Reclining Buddha. Photo: Dat doris

About 13 miles (21 kilometers) outside of La Gi is Ta Cu Mountain, which has become famous for its massive reclining buddha statue & pagoda. Perfect for a half-day trip, visitors can take a cable car from the base of the mountain up khổng lồ the pagoda station. From there, visitors can hike lớn the Reclining Buddha.

Surrounded by nature, the trails on Ta Cu Mountain give visitors an excellent view of the surrounding area.

Stargazing in La Gi

With no major thành phố or resort lights to create pollution in the sky, La Gi’s beaches are excellent for stargazing. Whether you choose lớn stay long after sunset or return khổng lồ the beach after your evening meal, thousands of stars will light up the night sky. The dry season is the best time khổng lồ go stargazing in La Gi because the chances of having cloudless nights are higher.

Though, visitors may be able to see the stars between rainstorms, if the clouds make a break in the sky.


One benefit of La Gi’s smaller và more remote location is that accommodation is affordable. There are a few different accommodation options in La Gi with most having 3–5-star ratings. Resorts, boutique hotels, guest houses, and homestays are all common accommodation options for guests in La Gi.

Beach Camping at Coco – For guests who are looking to lớn get closer to lớn nature, the tents và trailers at Coco Beachcamp (affiliate link) are the best options. As a more laid-back resort, Coco Beachcamp is known for its fun beach parties và day activities. Guests have the option of staying overnight in air-conditioned trailers or in beach tents.

Breakfast is included in the price & nightly rates some of the most affordable in the area.

Beachfront Resorts – A short distance away from La Gi in the Bình rã community is the Hòn Bá Lagi Beach Resort (affiliate link). An oceanfront hotel, Hòn Bà offers its guests a private beach area, restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, garden, & air-conditioned rooms. The resort is very secure with a 24-hour front desk và onsite security.

To địa chỉ to the already affordable prices, a continental breakfast is included for all hotel guests.

View from beachfront accommodations in La Gi, Vietnam. Photo by: Sanne Margarite.

In-Town Homestays – Guests who would prefer lớn stay in La Gi should consider the Aurora Garden Homestay. Centered around a peaceful garden và beautiful lobby, the Aurora Garden Homestay is one of the highest-rated hotels in La Gi. With clean and spacious rooms, the hotel is close lớn the town’s đứng đầu sightseeing and dining venues.

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Free Wi-Fi is included in the stay & a 24-hour desk is available to cater to guests’ needs.

Family Hotels – Traveling as a family can be stressful if you have young children, but the Hoàng An hotel does its very best to lớn provide a clean and quiet space for all of its guests. With excellent ratings, this in-town hotel is known for its great rooms & location. Guest amenities include miễn phí Wi-Fi, free parking, air conditioning, and breakfast.

Situated on a quieter street, families won’t have to listen khổng lồ the noise from La Gi’s popular karaoke bars.

Pet-Friendly Hotels – Boasting 25 rooms at an affordable rate, the Thanh Binh khách sạn (affiliate link) is in the heart of town and is pet-friendly. With unique services and amenities, guests can utilize không lấy phí parking, không lấy phí Wi-Fi, bicycle rentals, & a hot tub. The hotel staff is very friendly and accommodating. Transportation to & from the airport can be arranged, as well as rides lớn the beach.


Not all the hotels in La Gi have their own restaurant, but with an abundance of options in town, guests won’t have to ever go hungry. Seafood is the main ingredient in many dishes in La Gi & it is very affordable. Vendors sell fresh seafood every day on the beaches or visitors can go khổng lồ any one of the town’s top-rated restaurants.

Grilled gudgeon is La Gi’s featured dish, which is served with fresh vegetables. Additional cuisine options include international gastronomy lượt thích Italian or American.

Waves at the beach in La Gi. Photo by: Sanne Margarite.

Beachfront Dining – Located outside of the main town on the beach, the cửa hàng An La Gi Restaurant has fresh seafood for an affordable price. With views of the ocean, this restaurant is in a prime location & service is highly rated. For those staying in nearby hotels or homestays, the quán An La Gi has a takeaway service available too.

Market Meals – Travelers who have booked accommodations with a kitchen can find the freshest ingredients at the local market. Located in town, the market in La Gi sells everything from vegetables và fruits to the catch of the day. Vendors have affordable prices và at a few stalls, they served cooked food.

Aside from the food, exploring the La Gi market is a great way to support the local community và taste new culinary dishes.

Tasty Noodles – Pho Tuong is the top-rated restaurant in La Gi for the traditional Vietnamese dish called pho. Pronounced like “fuh”, pho is a noodle dish served with meat, vegetables, & a healthy amount of broth. For travelers on a budget, this restaurant has good-sized portions for an affordable price.

Special Events

As a smaller community, La Gi is not well-known for being a place to lớn go for special events. While local events may happen throughout the year, it is uncommon for tourists khổng lồ travel lớn La Gi for a small celebration. The biggest celebrations in La Gi will follow Vietnam’s Lunar Calendar.

While the entire country celebrates, pagodas and temples around La Gi will also hold their own festivities for these annual events.

Tet Trung Thu star. Photo: Teseum

The Moon Festival – Originally a part of the Chinese lunar calendar, Vietnam began lớn celebrate the Moon Festival during the 8thcentury. Also called the Mid-Autumn or Tet Trung Thu Festival, the holiday celebrates the legend of Thang Cuoi. According khổng lồ the story, Thang Cuoi was accidentally sent to lớn the moon when his banyan tree was uprooted by his wife.

The use of lighting lanterns during the festival is a way lớn show Thang Cuoi the way back home. La Gi holds a large celebration for the Moon Festival, which is held annually on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. Most years, this means that the festival is held around mid-September.

The Magician’s Temple – One local celebration that La Gi is famous for is Magician’s Temple, which holds an annual festival during the 9th month of the Vietnamese lunar calendar. The temple was built to lớn honor a magician & his wife who, with magic, cured illnesses of the local people. Now, an annual festival is held at the Tan nhị Commune near La Gi.

During the festival, the temple is ornately decorated, và attendees can partake in various activities with prayers, oracles, tattoos, and horoscopes.


Street in La Gi, Vietnam. Photo by: Sanne Margarite.

La Gi is small, but it isn’t small enough that walking is always an option. While guests can easily walk around town, transportation to và from the beach is often preferred to cut down travel times. Taxis are common around La Gi, but visitors should always agree on a price before they get into the car. Visitors can also inquire about getting a ride through their accommodation.

Many hotels are happy to lớn arrange transportation for their guests at an affordable price. A few hotels & restaurants around town also have bicycle rentals for guests khổng lồ use to lớn get around town & to the beach. Affordable, bicycle rentals are another great option for travelers who don’t want to rely on taxis. However, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to xe đạp after dark.


La Gi has a wet và dry season. The dry season is the most popular time for visitors khổng lồ travel khổng lồ La Gi because there is less rain and heat. The dry season in La Gi starts in November, but some tourists travel khổng lồ the area as early as September because the rains will have started khổng lồ slow. The rainy season begins at the over of May, with the wettest months being June, July, & August.

April and May are the hottest months of the year with less rain, which makes them the most popular time to swim in the ocean.

White sand beach in La Gi, Vietnam. Photo by: NguyenTrung.

Off the beaten path, beautiful and quiet, La Gi’s popularity is on the cusp of booming. Though the town is still relatively unknown to lớn foreigners, the reputation of places in La Gi lượt thích Coco Beachcamp is beginning to lớn create a buzz. For backpackers who want to enjoy a beach vacation for the fraction of the price, La Gi takes the vị trí cao nhất spot.

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With a healthy nightlife & fun day activities, visitors are guaranteed khổng lồ fall in love with La Gi.