Apart from the bustling pace of a tourist city lượt thích Nha Trang, Long Son pagoda should be on your bucket danh sách as a perfect look baông chồng khổng lồ ease your soul và find your inner peace. Let’s check it you Long Son pagodomain authority ultimate travel guide.

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I. Basic information about Long Son Pagoda

As the largest pagoda in Nha Trang, Long Son Pagoda attracts many tourists to admire the Vietnamese record ” the largest outdoor Buddha image in Vietnam”.


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Located on Trai Thuy hill, Long Son pagodomain authority is also known as White Buddha Pagodomain authority & formerly known as Dang Long Tu. Built-in the 19th century, with many renovations & newly rebuilt in 1940, Long Son Pagodomain authority features architectural & sculpture art imprinted with the modern times. 

Over hundreds of years of existence, Long Son Pagodomain authority has become the largest of the remaining temples in Khanh hao Hoa province creating a famous beauty spot of the beautiful city of Nha Trang.


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On the 1st và 15th of the lunar month, many tourists come to lớn Long Son pagoda to lớn worship, watch or “seek” peace & tranquility in their souls.

Address: No. 20 on 23/10 street, Phuong Son, Nha Trang City, Kkhô hanh Hoa.Ticket: Free

II. What khổng lồ explore in Long Son pagoda?

1. The Marble Statue Of Buddha

On the way lớn the top of Trai Thuy hill, at the first stop at the 44th step, you will admire the marble statue of Buddha & scene of 49 disciples of Buddha gathered on the day of Buddha’s death.


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2. Dai Hong Chung Bell

To the second stop is a bell tower with comtháng persimmons weighing 1500kilogam by Buddhists in Hue donated in 2002. The bell rang in the middle of the vast forest makes the heart become deep, the scenery seems to more majestic & peaceful at Buddha’s door.


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3. The Statue Of White Gautama Buddha, The Largest Outdoor Buddhist Sculpture In Vietnam

After climbing 193 steps to reach the hilltop, you can finally see the majestic trắng Buddha sitting sermon in the middle of the blue sky among the vast trắng clouds, peace và happiness as a symbol of Nha Trang for a long time. The statue is placed on a large lotus and stands out in the space of Long Son Pagodomain authority.

Besides the giant white Buddha image, Long Son Pagodomain authority also features a chất lượng architecture with sophisticated & delicate carvings on the temple roof. The harmony between the unique architecture và the surrounding natural landscape of lush green gardens and high mountains in the distance have made visitors feel extremely fresh and cool.

At this ideal height, you can easily see the whole beautiful city of Nha Trang, from the sea và ​​islands khổng lồ the immense scenery of the mountains và forests – all narrowed inlớn the eye. Come lớn Nha Trang, it is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá to take time to visit Long Son Pagodomain authority khổng lồ admire a Vietnamese record in the famous landscape space & rediscover the purity of soul in the peaceful Buddha’s gate in the middle of thành phố life hustle & bustle.


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is the most favorite food stall right in Long Son pagodomain authority. It is on the left from the temple gate khổng lồ the inside of the temple. It is quiet và cool so sitting outside or inside the restaurant, you can feel the peace. The menu has a variety of dishes served from morning to lớn evening with pho, noodles, hotpot, etc. On the full moon day, the service is always crowded. In addition, the restaurant also sells vegetarian foods, especially delicious seaweed.

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Price range: 20,000 VND – 50,000 VND/ pax.

IV. Nearby attractions of Long Son Pagoda

1. Po Nagar Tower

Nha Trang is not only attractive sầu with beautiful beaches but also impressed by the unique and beautiful architecture. Ponagar Tower is one of the largest Cham mê architectural cultural complexes in Central Vietphái mạnh.

Located on a hill at 50m high above sea level, Ponagar Tower’s quality architecture is surrounded by the verdant scenery.

The overall architecture of the Ponagar tower consists of 3 floors: the lower floor is an ancient tower that is no longer available. On the middle floor is a guest house called Mandapage authority to rest after the pilgrimage, consisting of 4 octagonal columns creating an extremely strange overall architecture. The top floor is the residence of the towers with the special feature of bricks tightly arranged. There is a marble statue of a goddess sitting on a lotus throne giving off an imposing and majestic appearance. Don’t miss this bucket destination.

2. Tram Huong Tower 

Tram Huong Tower has long been the famous tourist symbol of Nha Trang and is an attractive sầu place not to lớn be missed in this beautiful thành phố.

Tram Huong Tower is considered as a place for displaying images, introducing the beauty of Nha Trang, a number of local products contributing khổng lồ the cultural beauty & promoting tourism in Nha Trang Kkhô hanh Hoa.

Tram Huong Tower has a special structure lượt thích a pen pointing to lớn the xanh sky, creating a beautiful picture. Around the walls are lotus petals enveloping the tower. Interior space features many transparent windows khổng lồ admire the sea breeze & sunlight. Standing from the tower, you can zoom in khổng lồ see the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang beach.

In the morning, Tram Huong Tower is like a tasting incense burning, spreading the sweet scent to lớn the whole dreamy đô thị. In the evening, it looks lượt thích a torch or a lighthouse, illuminating the whole sea và striking in the heart of the đô thị và Nha Trang Bay with telescopes. Just 5 km from Long Son Pagodomain authority, Tram Huong Tower is worth visiting too.

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V. Explore Long Son Pagodomain authority with Luxury Travel


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