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1. Scope of application

- Applicable khổng lồ tickets / documents of Vietnam Airlines (code 738) issued at Vietphái mạnh Airlines’ Ticket Offices in Vietphái mạnh or on its website / Smartphone app; và - Ticket itinerary entirely within Vietphái mạnh with confirmed seats & flight departure date from January 29, 2021.

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2.Voluntary ticket change/refund

Voluntary ticket change / refund is the change / refund made at the request of the customer.

2.1. Change of flight date or itinerary: According to lớn fare conditions 2.2. Ticket refunds: - If customer’s ticket is refundable: + Customer can get a refund khổng lồ the khung of Travel Voucher with the value of 110% of the refunded ticket price và 100% of the value of unused taxes / fees / surcharges. Refund or no-show fees (if any) are không tính tiền of charge (no-show fee applies lớn passengers who bởi not cancel or cancel their seats within 3 hours before flight time). + Travel Voucher will be refunded 100% of the refund value if customer choose refunding to the original khung of payment. The refund will be made 3 months after the Travel Voucher is issued. Fees are charged according khổng lồ the fare rules. - If customer’s ticket is non-refundable: Vietphái mạnh Airlines does not refund nonrefundable tickets. 3. Involuntary change / refund Involuntary change/refund is the change/refund made due to the following reasons: impact of Covid-19 in Vietnam; flight delays/cancellation or early departure; passengers who are requested to undergo quarantine; passengers who are affected by travel restriction at the government request or other causes of force majeure. Note: For rescheduled flights with prior notice, if the notice is made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight time but passenger does not cancel their flight or cancel within 3 hours prior to flight time, ticket change/refund will be subject to lớn Section 2. Voluntary ticket change/refund. 3.1. Change of flight date or itinerary Customer is allowed khổng lồ change 1 time không tính phí of charge và is exempt from the change restriction condition if the customer does not violate the no-show conditions. Tax/fee/surcharges will be applied (if any). Except for flight disruptions caused by the airline, depending on the time of change, customers can change their flight date or itinerary as follows: - No additional tax/fee/surcharge is applied. - Change of flight or travel date must be in the same season of the original purchased ticket, except for high season tickets that can be changed lớn low season. 3.2.

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Ticket refunds a. Tickets purchased at ticket office/website/tiện ích of Vietnam Airlines: - Customer can get a refund khổng lồ the khung of Travel Voucher with the value of 110% of the refunded ticket price và 100% of the value of unused taxes / fees / surcharges. Refund or no-show fees (if any) are free of charge (no-show fee applies lớn passengers who vì chưng not cancel their flights or request cancellation within 3 hours prior to departure time). - Travel Voucher can be refunded 100% of the refund value if customer requests to refund to lớn the original khung of payment, which will be completed 3 months after the Travel Voucher issue date. Fees are charged according lớn the fare rules. Unless the flight is canceled / delayed / departed early due khổng lồ Vietphái mạnh Airlines’ fault and there is no alternative sầu flight within 4 hours, customers can refund their ticket không tính tiền of charge if they vì not violate the no-show condition. - Note: for non-refundable tickets, Tickets and Travel Vouchers that have sầu been refunded with added value are not refundable baông chồng to lớn the original size of payment.


(Applied to lớn tickets issued before March 31, 20đôi mươi và affected by Covid-19 epidemic) 1. Refund / exchange policy Customers can change their ticket lớn a new flight date or to a different itinerary with the departure date until December 31, 2021 and are exempt from the restrictions on ticket change và change fee. You may have sầu to lớn pay the fare difference and any additional taxes, fees or surcharges, if any. Vietphái mạnh Airlines encourages customers to lớn keep unused tickets to lớn change khổng lồ a new flight date as soon as possible. In case you wish to refund, for tickets with refundable conditions, they can be refunded lớn Travel Voucher with no refund fee charged. The Travel Voucher is valid for 01 year from the date of issue và can be used to lớn purchase services of Vietnam giới Airlines in the future. Ticketing change process can take up until June 30, 2021. 2. Travel Voucher extension policy for international itinerary Unused and valid Travel Voucher refunded from an international ticket for the period from March 20đôi mươi khổng lồ December 31, 20đôi mươi can be extended. You can liên hệ your place of purchase or Vietnam giới Airlines Hotline Center (for tickets issued online on our website/thiết bị di động app) to extkết thúc the validity of your Travel Voucher up lớn 1 year from the date of extension. Travel Voucher extension process takes place from January 15, 2021 lớn December 31, 2021.


questions và answers

How can I get a voucher?

You can skết thúc a refund request to lớn voucher here, the voucher will be sent khổng lồ the original email address of the customer

How long is the voucher valid?

Voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of the request

What kind of Vietphái nam Airlines"s services can redeem from voucher?

Customers can use this voucher to lớn buy tickets, luggage và other complementary services of Vietnam Airlines

Is the value of the voucher equivalent to the ticket value?

The value of the voucher is equivalent to lớn the value of the ticket, depending on the market và place of ticket issuance, customers will receive sầu different offers. For more details, please liên hệ lớn our Hotline or Vietphái mạnh Airlines branch / ticketing agent

Do I have sầu to pay the difference between the new ticket & the old one?

You could be charged the fare difference, taxes, fees and surcharges (if any)

For futher information, customers are welcomed to tương tác any Vietnam giới Airlines branch office, issuing office or our Customer Service Center through listed addresses