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Great khách sạn in an excellent location. On the beach & with a large pool. Although the khách sạn was busy we never struggled to find a sun lounger. Lots of options for breakfast.

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This is our anniversary lớn Phu Quoc Island to lớn stay at Dusit princess moonrise Beach resort. We stayed for 6 days. We look forward to the hotel rich breakfast every morning. Restaurant manager Mr. Hieu, thai chef Mr. Wit very kind. Special it was the waiter Ms. Ha who observed us couldn't take beef & even told chef to lớn prepare pork noodles soup for us. It made me feel very warn. Also thank to lớn the housekeeping Mr. Vinh và Ms. Lam for providing me information Phu Quoc good food. Due to my back pain. Mr. Vinh offered to lớn provide two more pillows. Choose this resort hotel, you will never be disappointed your enjoyment goes beyond the price.

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The little things matter…this resort is by far the best resort I’ve stayed at in all of Vietnam. The amenities, the scenery the restaurants và the beach was world class. But the one thing that really made my stay here so pleasant and welcoming was the little Things they do, lượt thích place a welcome conk full of chocolates and candies and welcome thank you thẻ on the desk in my suite. On our first night when we returned from trekking on phu quoc the resort left some tea for a restful nights sleep on the bed & a custom facial green tea mud mask lớn help with sleep as well. They great you with an ice cold towel & the best fresh blended juices I’ve ever had. The breakfast buffet was outstanding, they take meticulous care with your custom egg/omelette order. My poached egg order was amazing with careful attention to lớn the plate arrangement & decoration. Simply superb here there’s no other way to lớn describe salinda resort. I will be returning for sure, there’s plenty of other resorts here in phu quoc but lượt thích I said, the little things matter & they made me feel like a royalty instead of just a “guest”. I wish I could rate salinda 10 stars. The màn chơi of service and satisfaction you’ll receive is đứng đầu notch. You won’t be disappointed.