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The secure access service edge (SASE) platsize that converges cloud networking and cloud security service khổng lồ deliver flexibility, agility, and scale for enterprise of all sizes.quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Plus network là gì

Unloông xã the innovation, information và education needed to accelerate your cloud journey & advance your career.quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Plus network là gì

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Learn how’s network transformation vision along with its chất lượng cloud gateways and SASE PoPs delivers a SASE platsize.

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Application Quality

Operational Simplicity

Streamlines operations and reduces tư vấn complexities by unifying networking and security. 

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Intrinsic Security

Provides comprehensive security by unifying network, endpoint, identity, và cloud security control points.



Designed with a cloud-first approach for operational efficiency và future readiness that simplifies connectivity lớn cloud and SaaS-based applications. SD-WAN for Enterprises

Ensuring continuous network uptime, optimizing connectivity to cloud-based resources và apps, & empowering your workforce are table stakes in today’s world.

SD-WAN is the công nghệ that assures your network infrastructure is resilient enough to take on any unforeseeable obstacles, lớn make sure your business never falters, và to equip you for the future. SD-WAN for Service Providers

Meet your customers’ evolving business needs by adding SD-WAN lớn your portfolio.

SD-WAN enables you to lớn differentiate your offerings, deliver agile, end-to-over networking & cloud services, open new market opportunities, drive down costs, và optimize your customers’ overall satisfaction & experience.

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SASE và ZTNA for DummiesEBOOK

Learn more about the secure connectivity of SASE and Zero Trust in our latest eBook!

Software-Defined WAN For DummiesEBOOK Market Outlook: SD-WAN, 2020-2025, WorldwideANALYST REPORT

Detailed analysis of the global SD-WAN market: trends, growth opportunities, market outlook.

After a thorough vendor evaluation process, Sprint determined that the SD-WAN solution best aligned with Sprint’s focus on network agility, flexibility & cloud services enablement.

- Mike Fitz , Sprint Vice President , Global Wireline Business Unit

MetTel consistently strives khổng lồ provide our customers with more flexible, secure, simplifying and cost saving solutions, và we believe that the SD-WAN offering is highly compatible with our mission.

- Marshall Aronow , CEO , MetTel

Within the first week we had the SD-WAN phối up. Previously, we engaged in an evaluation of the SD-WAN product, & were very satisfied with how the product worked, the ease at which it could be integrated into an existing network and the visibility and manageability it provided.

- Louis Schreier , Vice President , Deutsđậy Telekom