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El Nivì chưng is a popular destination in the north of Palawan, approximately 230 kilometers from Puerto lớn Princesa. Known for white-s& beaches, coral reefs, và stunning limestone formations, you’ve probably seen photos showcasing the jaw-dropping beauty of this Filipino treasure.

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There are multiple ways to get from Puerto Princesa lớn El Nivì including a shuttle van, bus, và even direct flights.

The goal of this post is to give you all the resources you need in order lớn make the best decision for your trip và be on your way!

Van: The Most Popular

Time: 5-6 hoursPrice: 500-600 PHP

Time prediction is a bit misleading as Google Maps does not tài khoản for road conditions.

Many travelers opt for the shuttle van service between Puerlớn Princesa và El Nivì because of the convenience factor & the shortened travel time compared khổng lồ the unpredictable bus.

When you step out of the airport in Puerkhổng lồ Princesa, you’re likely to lớn be approached by van drivers who are looking to fill their vans và depart for El Nibởi vì. Opting for this means you don’t have sầu lớn search for a van, but keep in mind that many drivers will keep you waiting until their van is full, which can take an undetermined amount of time – potentially even until the next flight lands.

The two main providers for the van trip between Puerlớn Princesa and El Nibởi are Lexxus Shuttle and EULEN JOY Express. If you are not departing directly from the airport, both of these providers offer a khách sạn pick-up option.

The Lexxus Shuttle can be booked here for 600 PHP. They have sầu vans running throughout the day, but it’s best to book your ticket in advance to lớn ensure a spot. They also have a booking option through their Facebook page.

EULEN JOY Express is available to lớn book online here, costs 600 PHPhường, and gives the option khổng lồ select either airport or hotel piông xã up.

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If you prefer not khổng lồ book online or in advance, you can show up at the San Jose Terminal where both buses and vans are available. There are more van services than the two I’ve sầu listed above, but those are the most popular & reliable. The less prominent operators are viable & will get you where you need khổng lồ go – it just takes showing up at the bus terminal to lớn have sầu direct communication with them.

Disclaimer: Although the van is the faster option for ground transportation, van drivers bởi vì their best to fill vehicles khổng lồ their maximum capathành phố, which some travelers (especially taller folks) may find uncomfortable. If this is a concern, the bus may be your preferred option for space. However, most vans are air conditioned & general comfort, of course, depends on the age và mã sản phẩm – if you’re picky about this kind of stuff, you can ask lớn see the vehicle before booking.

Bus: The Longest

Honda Bay in Palawan

Time: 6 to 9 hoursPrice: 380-480 PHP. (non-air con vs air con)

It is a comtháng assumption that the local bus is always the cheapest way lớn travel, but after accounting for the transportation cost to get lớn the bus station, in this case the prices of bus vs. van become nearly identical. The fact is the bus will take longer. Factoring in the time of day và frequency of stops, the bus can take up lớn 9 hours from Puerlớn Princesa to lớn El Nibởi vì. The drivers will pichồng up any & all locals along the route, which adds lớn the time discrepancy. You may get lucky và arrive in 6 hours, or you may be on the bus longer. But hey, the journey is the destination!

Buses vày offer wider legroom và bigger breathing space overall compared khổng lồ the vans, so if this is important khổng lồ you, the bus is a great option.

There are two companies lớn choose from when it comes khổng lồ taking the bus from Puerto lớn Princesa khổng lồ El Nido: RoRo Bus and Cherry Bus, both of which operate from the San Jose Terminal located 7 kilometers from the airport. They both arrive sầu lớn El Nido Transport Terminal in Corong-Corong. From there you’ll be able lớn take a tricycle lớn El Nivày town proper or directly to lớn your accommodation.

The following are the timetables for each bus service:

RoRo Bus

Cherry Bus

The Flight: The Fastest

You’ll get to lớn El Nivày in no time!

Time: 50 minutesPrice: Approximately 2,000 PHP

If time is of the essence & money is less of a factor, the flight between Puerto lớn Princesa và El Nivì chưng may be the best option for you. Or, if you just want khổng lồ skip the chaos of buses và vans & get straight khổng lồ the beauty & adventure that awaits in El Nivì chưng, I certainly don’t blame you!

El Nibởi vì has its own airport, Lio Airport, but the short runway prevents most airlines from landing here with relatively big planes. AirSWIFT offers direct flights from Puerkhổng lồ Princesa to El Nivì chưng but fares and schedules fluctuate, so it is important khổng lồ plan accordingly.

This is the option that I picked since I had spent the previous week on jeepneys & ferries in Romblon Isl& and the surroundings & just wanted to lớn have a quicker and easier journey to lớn El Nivày. In hindsight I might have even skipped Puerto lớn Princesa and gone straight from Manila khổng lồ El Nibởi, which you can bởi vì on the same airline. If you’re dying lớn see the underground river or want lớn island hop in Hondomain authority Bay, which you can read more about here, then it could be worth the stop in PPhường, but if I had it to vì over again I’d probably skip it for reasons I note in the linked post.

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Either way, when traveling in the Philippines always remember that delays are part of it, and keeping calm & enjoying the journey are the best things you can vì. Happy travels! It’s always an adventure.


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