10 Days Hanoi To Nha Trang Motorbike Tour Vietnam


 So many tourist at the first time wonder why motorcycles are popular in Vietphái nam. Come on! Not as serious as you thought. I have to lớn say that the traffics sometimes not as good as in Western country, though, Vietnam is a developing nation and it can solve the problem despite of its poor conditions. Let’s have a positive look at Vietnam giới traffic to enjoy Vietnam better.

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1. Flexible và Economical

About 95 percent of registered vehicles are motorbikes or scooters, not many cars, which is suitable khổng lồ Vietphái nam situation with many narrow streets. With motorbikes or scooters, it is much easier for riders khổng lồ go into lớn tinyalleys which exit a lot in Vietphái nam. You can go everywhere with your motorbike và have sầu no need khổng lồ park your oto far away wasting time khổng lồ walk lớn your target.

Motorbikes are used to lớn carry everything – you can see comical/scary loads that elsewhere would require a van to lớn transport safely. Sometimes, you can see a whole family of four crammed onto lớn a single motorxe đạp. It is a good way lớn save time và money instead of that you have sầu to rent a van lớn transport things, or go bachồng lớn carry more things/people or need to lớn buy a oto for the whole family.


Using motorxe đạp is also a good way to lớn save space, because there is no space to lớn park hundreds of thousands of new cars. Moreover, the government applied a high tax on the oto & only the rich citizens can afford one. The tax is about 200 percent of the price of the car. Hence, it is more economical when you own a motorbike than a car. That is the first explaination why motorcycles are popular in Vietnam

The traffic in Vietnam giới has been improved and become much better day by day.Infrastructure has been upgraded a lot; street signals and traffic lightshave sầu been added more và more on the streets


Helmet law was introduced in 2007 for everyone to lớn be conducted. Gradually, realizing the useful of helmet, everyone where it naturally without any enforcement. Government also give sầu the law on tốc độ and drinking lớn minimize the accidents. Traffic jam in Vietphái mạnh only frequently takes place in big city lượt thích Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minch đô thị, not everywhere. Don’t worry!

Let follow Anthony and Elise for their Vietphái nam adventure by motorbikes. They travel from North khổng lồ South of Vietnam



3. Diverse

Walking on the streets, you can see it is just look like a rock ballad concert with various means of transport such as motorbikes, bicycles, taxis, pedicabs & pedestrians moving along the streets. So keep calm và enjoy Vietnam giới.

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These are some tips khổng lồ help you enjoy the traffic in Vietnam:

-Having faith on your riders/drivers skill

– Waiting for a local person and becoming his shadow when you want to cross the street.

-Keep your wits about you and move slowly but surely. Do not hesitate. Being on scooters, most riders are able to lớn predict your movements accurately và avoid you safely, but not if you stop & start unsurely – & whimpering in fear will vị you no favor at all.

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– Don’t fear the horns. In Vietphái mạnh, when somebody toàn thân use the horn, it is just a way to lớn say “Hey buddy, I’m here too” or “Watch out!”

Those reasons are the answers for our query – Why motorcycles are popular in Vietphái mạnh.