Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc


Visiting and exploring Safari Phu Quoc is a completely new experience when compared to normal trips. This article will help give you the ultimate Safari expedition, và tell you what lớn bring & to wear for the most comfortable experience.

Unlike visiting a regular zoo where you walk around khổng lồ watch animals locked inside cages, going khổng lồ Safari Phu Quoc is a totally different experience. Visitors can travel by bus to lớn admire the forests & wildlife on Phu Quoc Island.

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The experience of watching animals that stay close lớn your shuttle or even run in front of the bus is something only Safari Phu Quoc can offer. For an optimized sightseeing itinerary, please equip yourself with the following items before arrival.

Equipment lớn take pictures và record videos while exploring Safari Phu Quoc

You surely will not want khổng lồ miss out on moments of being surrounded by wild animals, or when your kids have fun amidst the wonderful wilderness. Just having a điện thoại thông minh with a high-quality camera & a selfie stick is enough to lớn capture the highlights of the trip.

But having a professional camera, with a telephoto lens và a small tripod with good mobility can be extremely helpful if you want to take pictures of the whole family or groups of friends without having to ask the people around.


Backup charger

Taking photos is an energy-draining activity for your smartphone. If you don"t want to go around worrying about a low-battery phone that cannot communicate in case of emergencies, you should fully charge your phone before visiting Safari & keep a backup charger with you along the journey.

Umbala will help you explore Safari more interestingly

Because not all animals will come close khổng lồ the shuttle bus, having binoculars will enable you to observe the wildlife more easily.

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This is a discovery tour, & having pairs of binoculars will also draw members of the group closer and arouse the curiosity in children about the trip.


Protect the health of your family members by applying full sunscreen on their skin (note how long it takes for the sunscreen to thảm bại its effect và reapply according to the instructions on the product"s package). If you think that it may rain, having a small umbrella or thin raincoat in your backpack will not take up too much space và prove to lớn be very convenient later on.

Drinks & snacks

You should prepare bottled water or snacks in advance if you are travelling with children. The trip can consist of episodes of intense activities, which may lead to lớn heatstroke và dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary khổng lồ have mineral water around lớn ensure the best physical conditions for the whole family.


Note: while Safari does not allow food inside, this regulation can be flexible if you have children.

First aid kit & medicines

These are a must for any adventure as the dangers of stumbling or having an upset stomach can happen without any prior signs. Basic meds include anti-diarrhea và cough solutions.

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Having enough preparation before the trip will help you lớn fully enjoy Safari and have endless fun, especially when it comes khổng lồ children, who are eager to discover new things and explore the wild world.