Sân Bay Singapore Terminal 4


A new terminal, designated as Terminal 4 (T4), is being constructed at the Changi International Airport of Singapore.

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Design and Construction Contractor

A consortium of SAA Architects, Benoy, AECOM Singapore & Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (SEA)




The new T4 integrates local culture và heritage-themed features in its design & layout. Credit: Changi Airport Group.

The Departure Boarding Pier has sufficient seating space for the passengers. Credit: Changi Airport Group.

A new terminal, designated as Terminal 4 (T4), at Changi International Airport of Singapore was opened in October 2017.

The Terminal 4 project was initiated in February 2013. Construction started in November 2013 và was completed in December năm 2016.

Changi Airport, operated by the Changi Airport Group (CAG), is Asia’s sixth busiest international airport. It handled nearly 62.2 million passengers in 2017. The new T4 is expected to handle about 16 million passengers per year & increases Changi Airport’s annual passenger handling capathành phố khổng lồ 82 million by 2017.

The total cost of the T4 project is S$1.28bn ($1.03bn), comprising S$600m for the terminal construction and S$680m for the airfield infrastructure construction.

Changi airport Terminal 4 kiến thiết và construction

“Construction started in November 2013 & was completed in December năm nhâm thìn.”

T4 is constructed on the site of the old Budget Terminal located about 2km away from the three main terminals. The Budget Terminal was opened in March 2006 và closed in September 2012. It was demolished in 2013 lớn construct the new T4.

Terminal 4 is a two-storey building with a gross floor area of 225,000m². Inspiration for the terminal design was taken from an orchid petal. The terminal building is 25m high featuring 27 aerobridge gates.

A separate Ramp Control Tower is built to lớn monitor aircraft movements in the apron và taxiways around the terminal. The 68m-tall tower provides clearance to lớn pilots.

The terminal features a 300m long Central Galleria, which is a glazed open space that visually connects the departure, check-in, arrival and transit areas across the terminal.

A new overhead vehicular bridge is built across the airport boulevard khổng lồ connect the T4 and the aircraft stands. It also enables the movement of buses and other airside vehicles.

Passenger facilities at Changi airport’s new terminal

The new terminal features kiosks for self-check-in, self bag-tagging và self bag-drops. It also features an advanced & automated baggage handling system.

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“Changi airport, operated by the Changi Airport Group (CAG), is Asia’s sixth busiest international airport.”

Self-service & automated options are offered at check-in, bag drop, immigration counter & departure-gate boarding.

Biometric technology and fast and seamless travel (FAST) services are implemented at the terminal to lớn reduce manpower và increase efficiency.

T4 features 15,000m² of shopping, dining, liquor, tobacco, perfumes, cosmetics and other retail spaces. It implements a new walk-through retail concept. It also features local, cultural và heritage-theme restaurants, as well as retail stores.

Changi Terminal 4 parking và transport infrastructure

Two new car parks were constructed at the terminal lớn accommodate up khổng lồ 1,700 vehicles. The terminal is internally connected to lớn the new car parks with sheltered liên kết. One of them is a multi-storey oto park located next khổng lồ the terminal, while another is an open air car park constructed in front of the terminal.

A 38ha plot at Terminal 3 that houses the airport nursery and a reservoir was converted into an aircraft parking area. The aircraft parking area provides storage for up khổng lồ 17 narrow-toàn thân & nine wide-body aircraft.

A new road is constructed connected to the East Coast Parkway lớn manage outgoing traffic from T4.

A không lấy phí airside shuttle between terminal 4 & terminal 2 was constructed to facilitate non-T4 airlines passengers. T4 also features a centralised departure bus lounge, with up khổng lồ nine bus bays providing quiông xã transportation services lớn the passengers.

Contractors involved with the Terminal 4 project

A consortium led by SAA Architects was selected by CAG lớn design & construct T4 in April 2013.

The consortium also includes Benoy, AECOM Singapore & Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (SEA).

CSC Holdings provided foundation works for the construction of the airport terminal building, ancillary buildings & other infrastructure under a contract awarded in September 2013.

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Arup và SAA Architects provided facade engineering and ICT infrastructure design for T4.