eduVPN makes untrusted networks secure, by establishing an encrypted connection. This way, students, lecturers & researchers can use the Internet securely everywhere, và you can grant access khổng lồ your institution"s protected systems securely, even if users are using the Internet connection on a train, a square, or at trang chủ.

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Encrypted network traffic

Of course, the network of your institution is connected lớn eduroam, a secure environment which you have control over as an institution. However, students, lecturers and researchers are increasingly working from home page, temporary addresses, or on the train. Many public networks - và some home page networks too - are not safe enough. eduVPN solves this problem by using a virtual private network (VPN) in which network traffic is encrypted. This prevents prying eyes nearby from being able to view the traffic.

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Svào security

Benefits of eduVPN

Users vì chưng not even need to configure anything themselves. They simply install the eduVPN software before logging in with their existing tài khoản at your institution (through sầu.vnconext).As an institution, you can choose whether lớn grant only institute access (access to lớn protected systems within the institution), or whether to lớn also offer secure Internet (protecting all of your users" Internet traffic).Secure Internet users can establish VPN connections khổng lồ all countries participating in eduVPN. There are only a few participating countries at the moment, but the danh mục is continuing to lớn grow.Both logging in to web interfaces and connecting to the VPN server can be protected with two-step authentication using time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), or a sầ offers second & third line support for both users & institutions.

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Rates 2021

Number of employees and/or studentsRate per month

0 - 1,000

EUR 106

1,001 - 5,000

EUR 529

5,001 - 15,000

EUR 900

> 15,000

EUR 1,324

Rates bởi vì not include VAT. If you use eduVPN to shield institutional services, additional costs for light paths may arise if there is no available MSP. capathành phố.

More information

If you want lớn know more about eduVPN, please visit the kết thúc user trang web or tương tác Customer Support at customersupportChuyên mục: Chia sẻ