The 10 Best Spas & Wellness Centres In Ho Chi Minh City


Cheap massages abound in Saigon (aka Ho chi Minh city). It’s a real perk when traveling here, but the quality and “reputability” of the massages varies greatly. If you’re looking for high quality massages at spas that are 100% legit (no hanky panky), these are the 3 best Saigon spas. Ho chi Minh

Our Favorite Saigon Spas

We can’t resist a good budget massage from time khổng lồ time, but when we want to lớn splurge a bit, these are the spas we use. They’re relatively expensive for Vietnam, but compared to lớn prices in North America, they’re still a bargain for such luxury. Their professional service và hygiene are impeccable và totally worth every penny.

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All 3 are located within walking distance of the main tourist area of Saigon.

My Spa

The Temple Leaf spa may be our favorite spa by a hair. The décor is very Zen & peaceful with lots of Buddhist inspired art. The spa làm đẹp is also very clean. We always feel comfortable here.

Like the Golden Lotus Spa, tips are included in the prices. This one fact makes the whole experience much more relaxing. We know exactly how much we’ll pay. And the quality of the massages we’ve had here have been very high.

The masseuses follow a general routine with the massage, but also adjust to your knots without being told. Many times they don’t speak much English, but that’s never been a problem. They cover everything, but focus on the spots that need the most attention.

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Price: 340,000VND ($15USD) for a 60 minute full toàn thân massage.

Address: 74/1a Hai ba Trung St. District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 1130 PM

Tips on Dealing with a Bad Massage

We’ve had mostly great experiences in these 3 spas. Occasionally, you’ll get a bad masseuse or one who’s having a bad day. If you’re masseuse is talking on the phone, neglecting you, or is unsatisfactory in anyway – stop the massage and talk khổng lồ the management.

The masseuse may not speak English, but the management at these high unique places do. Even the most polite complaint will ensure you the best service possible. If this happens, make sure to lớn clarify what the new kết thúc time should be after the interruption caused by bad service.

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Bad service is really rare at these 3 spas, but if it happens, use this simple solution to lớn ensure you get the experience you paid for.