Da Nang is a charming city that now developed to lớn become an economic hub và one of the leading tourism cities in the central of Vietnam. The city is the gateway to lớn other popular sites & cities such as Hoi An. Traveling from da Nang lớn Hoi An by xe taxi is the most common transfer option lớn choose from. In this article, we have gathered information that would be crucial for you when planning to travel between these two cities.

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An overview of domain authority Nang to Hoi An taxi

Taxis from Danang lớn Hoi An are the most popular mode of transportation since they are convenient và quick; it takes about 45 minutes depending on traffic. The cab fare is approximately 350.000 VND ($15.2) – 450.000VND ($19.5) for one-way travel. The advantage of taking a taxi is it allows you lớn show up & hop in the first one that comes along, particularly if you don’t lượt thích making prearranged plans


Traditional Taxi

In every taxi, there is a meter installed inside và the price is calculated based on this. Taxis waiting outside the train or bus station have been known to lớn refuse to use their meters in favour of haggling over a fare, even though this is not the usual. Every taxi company provides a tương tác number for you khổng lồ call và order one and every xe taxi service has some who answer your hotline in English at their answering service.

To avoid the scams that might happen to you while travelling, The major taxi companies operating in da Nang are the following:

1. Mai Linh da Nang Taxi

Mai Linh xe taxi is a popular xe taxi brand in da Nang & you can also see them operating in other cities across the country. Therefore, this xe taxi company is reputable khổng lồ travel with. You can easily recognize them by their signature green colour. The driver normally wears a white and green tie or green jacket.

Cab types Opening (to less than 30km) Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 9.000 VND 13.000 VND/ km 10.000 VND/ km
7-seat car 10.000 VND 14.000 VND/ km 12.000 VND/ km
Waiting time 50.000 VND/ hour

Mai Linh Taxi da Nang

2. VinaSun Green domain authority Nang Taxi

VinaSun domain authority Nang taxi fare:

Cab types Opening (to less than 30km) Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 9.000 VND 13.000 VND/ km 9.600 VND/ km
7-seat car 10.000 VND 14.000 VND/ km 11.600 VND/ km
Waiting time 50.000 VND/ hour


Vinasun Taxi da Nang

3.Tien Sa domain authority Nang Taxi

Tien Sa taxi is another big corporation that operates across da Nang & Hoi An. Their taxi offers cheaper prices than other brands above yet the quality of service is similar. Not to lớn mention, they are the first không lấy phí wi-fi xe taxi in domain authority Nang so it’s worth a journey with them.

Cab types Opening (to less than 30km) Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 8.000 VND 11.000 VND/ km 9.000 VND/ km
7-seat car 9.000 VND 13.000 VND/ km 11.000 VND/ km
Waiting time Free


Tien Sa Taxi

4. Tuy vậy Han da Nang Taxi

Another company that is on our menu is song Han xe taxi which is a famous local brand. Their drivers are friendly and attentive as well as their experienced driving skills keep you safe so you can enjoy the trip thoroughly.

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Cab types Opening (to less than 30km) Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 10.000 VND 12.000 VND/ km 11.000 VND/ km
7-seat car 12.000 VND 14.500 VND/ km 13.000 VND/ km
Waiting time 50.000 VND/ hour

Grab taxi

Cab booking platforms, such as Uber or Lyft, are also available in Vietnam. You can take Grab, Bee, VietGo, và other services lớn get from domain authority Nang to Hoi An. Grab is the most popular of these brands, with the greatest number of service cars. Khổng lồ order a Grab, all you need is a smartphone, an mạng internet connection, & an phầm mềm to use their service. Because the route & charge are provided in the app, this option is also regarded as convenient, quick, và reliable, or no haggle needed, which is even better.

Tourists flying lớn Hoi An from da Nang airport will need lớn purchase a 3G/4G SIM card at the airport in order to connect to the internet and tải về the app. To begin, follow the app"s instructions for registering & then booking your car. After that, all you have to vì chưng is enter the pickup location và destination. Finally, you have the option of selecting the type of oto you want khổng lồ drive. There are 4-seater, 7-seater, & shared automobiles available. If you"re travelling alone, though, the motorbike is a very cost-effective & convenient option.

The cost is highly affected by the time of day & the volume of demand. Normally, Grab service is a bit cheaper than regular taxis at the range of 200,000 VND ($8.7) và 350,000 VND ($15).


Grab taxi

Tips for travelling from da Nang khổng lồ Hoi An by taxi

Some taxi drivers can not speak other languages than Vietnamese or can understand & speak very basic English which may cause misunderstandings. Thus some translation applications may come in handy in this case. Lớn avoid the Grab scams (yep, that can happen), only travel in cars that have the same license plates as those displayed in your app. Normally, Grab cars will not stop along the way. However, you can negotiate with the driver in advance. Also, make sure you enter the exact address of your destination; double-check on the sites & if you need assistance, don’t hesitate lớn ask your hotel staff in Hoi An. If you are arriving & then depart to lớn Hoi An from domain authority Nang airport, walk outside the airport gate since Grab cars are not allowed khổng lồ enter the airport.

Overall, da Nang is honourable khổng lồ be the safest đô thị with genuinely honest local people in Vietnam. Surely you can be more mindful lớn pick what is the best way lớn travelling from da Nang to Hoi An by taxi. Visit BestPrice & join our domain authority Nang - Hoi An tours with our experienced guide who will take you khổng lồ experience an unforgettable journey.

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If you prefer other cost-effective options, you can take a look at our article about travelling from da Nang khổng lồ Hoi An by bus.