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Talking about Hoian, tourists usually think of a town with multi-colored lanterns. But another attraction you should not dismiss when visiting HoiAn is An Bang Beach, the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world recognized by CNNGo in 2011. So what is the reason to lớn make An Bang Beach special like that? You can find the answer in this article.

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An Bang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hoi An has been being invested & developed for a few years, so the environmental impact of tourism exploitation on this beach is still not too much. It is the reason why this beach is different from other beaches, it keeps the peace và quiet of the wild beach.

Visitors will be attracted by the White long sandy beach. Under the sunshine, it looks lượt thích a countless bead of gold. The wide beach with the blue colour of the sea, the sea seems to lớn be endless. Along the svà, you can easily see a lot of coconut trees with big foliages making a peaceful scenery.


An Bang Beach

Things to lớn vị at An Bang Beach

There are a lot of activities for visitors to lớn choose from, both in the water và on the seaside. You can ride a water motorcycle, go kayaking, or go windsurfing. It has plenty of board rentals và the trainer will tell you how khổng lồ surf if you want lớn learn. There are tons of beach chairs and parasols so you can lay down on the chair & take a rest after play. This place is also suitable lớn soak up the sun.

Another thing that visitors should not miss is to lớn go to see the sunrise & the sunset at An Bang Beach. You can go khổng lồ the beach early in the morning khổng lồ see the sunrise, feel the sea breezes stirs the sea & waves gently lap the shoreline. In the late afternoon, the sunphối scenery is magnificent, the sun is glowing lượt thích a fireball in the skyline. The last of the sun’s rays shine on the small fishing boat creating a picture of excellence.


Things to vày at An Bang beach

Best time lớn travel

The best time to travel lớn An Bang beach is in the dry season start from January to August because of pleasant weather & low rainfall. The whole beach is surrounded by light sunshine, subtle winds. At the peak of summer, the temperature is at 28 - 33 degrees Celcius, và the average water temperature is 25 degrees Celcius, it is a great time if you want khổng lồ join outdoor activities, especially water sports.

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Beautiful weather at An Bang beach

How lớn get there

An Bang Beach located in Cam An Ward, about seven kilometres north of Hoi An Ancient Town. It is easy to lớn find the way, you can rent a bicycle or motorbike from a rental cửa hàng to lớn go there. Also, you can hide a taxi which costs about 80.000VNĐ.

Take the old town as a landmark, visitors should go straight in Lac Long Quan street to lớn Cua Dai Beach, then turn left lớn Hai Ba Trung street & keep going about 2km, you can find An Bang beach. Along the way, you can see the xanh face of the sea twinkle under the sunlight. This is a great way for young people who love sầu to take photographs và travel.

Some hotels near An Bang beach

An Bang Beach Villa: this khách sạn is quite cthảm bại to An Bang Beach, it takes only 5 minutes walking. An Bang Beach Villa was highly recommended by visitors because of its beautiful room, nice staff always trying lớn meet your needs and ensure that you feel comfortable. This is a perfect place for relaxing.

Address: 185 Nguyen Phan Vinh St, Cam An Ward, Hoian City

Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort: is one of the popular resorts here, is inspired by traditional Indochine architecture, with more than 166 rooms, all rooms have sầu views of the fresh garden & the xanh sea. Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort is the best choice for visitors when they go khổng lồ Hoi An.

Address: Lac Long Quan St, Cam An Ward, Hoian City

Hoi An Sincerity Hotel & Spa: a luxury hotel with good facilities & equipment, especially a large swimming pool. Situated just in the middle way of beach and old town, you can use the không tính tiền bicycle of the hotel to ride inkhổng lồ ancient town or go to the beach

Address: 01 Le Đinc Tsay đắm St, Cam Son, HoiAn City

Nearby restaurants in An Bang beach

The Deckhouse: There is a Vietnamese menu & an International thực đơn. Some typical food you must try in DeckHouse is craft beer, BBQ Hoi An flavor scallops, the tuna fillet, & Banh Xeo at reasonable prices. Not only a good restaurant in An Bang Beach, but The Deckhouse is also an igiảm giá khuyến mãi place lớn take a picture with all tables and chairs are xanh. All things combined with the view of the sea make a beautiful landscape. Great place to lớn eat và relax!

Address: Left Side of An Bang Beach, Hoi An Vietphái nam, 2.7 miles from Hoi An Ancient Town

The Fishermen Vegan Restaurant, Cafe & Bar: located right next lớn An Bang Beach, this is a chill place khổng lồ hang out with many sunbeds to lie on. Vegan dishes are the signatures of this restaurant, beverages include fresh smoothies & cocktails.

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Address: Beachfront, Blochồng 8 An Bang Beach, Hoi An Vietnam giới, 2.6 miles from Hoi An Ancient Town


Beautiful cà phê near by An Bang beach

Purple Lantern Restaurant: nearby the main road through town, about two blocks from the beach. Chicken curry is the most popular dish of this restaurant, besides Papaya salad, spring rolls, grilled scallops, etc. The drink thực đơn includes traditional Vietnamese coffee, freshly squeezed juices, sodomain authority, tea, wine, beer, và cocktails. Colourful lanterns hang on the ceiling of this restaurant creating a lovely, fantastic ambience. When you eat here once you will definitely want lớn come again.

Address: 157 Nguyen Phan Vinch street, An Bang Village, Cam An Ward

If you want to find some destination to lớn relax after hard working days, immerse yourself in the peaceful space or simply want to lớn discover a new beach on your holiday, An Bang Beach is the best choice!