When it comes to lớn Saigon, there isn"t a better room lớn be had anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City than at the Reverie, with an extravagant Italian thiết kế và world-class amenities.


I’m sitting on a five-meter long couch big enough to lớn fit at least eight adults. It has 24-carat gold trim, purple ostrich leather upholstery, is embellished by a precious amethyst stone, & cost “tens of thousands of dollars” according to my guide. This ostentatious piece of furniture, handmade in Italy by luxury manufacturer Colombostile, was the first thing I saw when I walked inkhổng lồ the lobby of the Reverie Saigon hotel in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Then I looked to lớn its right and found a gigantic, emerald green cloông xã, also custom-made in Italy, which stands 10-foot tall, weighs almost 1,000 kilograms, and “cost a lot more than the couch”. Together they create a fittingly-dramatic entry statement for a hotel which revels in being flamboyant: The Reverie Saigon.

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In a market saturated with five-star hotels which, while tastefully designed, look very similar, the Reverie Saigon clearly wants khổng lồ stand out. The interior decoration of this five-star hotel, which opened in 2015, treads a fine line between being glamorous & gaudy. Layer upon layer of thiết kế competes for your attention. There is so much going on at times, in this regard, that your eyes don’t quite know where to lớn look.

This extravagance won’t appeal to everyone. But I found the Reverie Saigon a welcome change from the typical minimalism và muted tones of most of its competitors. I have sầu been inside dozens of luxury hotels and resorts across Europe, Asia và Australia yet never have I seen a property quite lượt thích this. With its bright colors, theatrical furniture and quirky art this khách sạn feels lượt thích it has been made to lớn be photographed, và made to lớn be photographed in.


Unusual buildings like this are social truyền thông dynamite, with younger generations delighting in being captured in such salubrious, eye-catching surroundings. I get the sense the Reverie Saigon was well aware of this and has gone out of its way to make its hotel not just beautiful but interesting. There was not one space within its walls that I found boring or repetitive sầu.

Intricate design was central to the concept of this 286-room hotel. A star-studded menu of Italian designers were involved in the creation of Reverie Saigon, including Luca Baldi of Baldi Home Jewels, Alfrebởi Colombo of Colombostile, Roberta Giorgetti of Giorgetti S.p.A, and Dario Rinero the CEO of Poltromãng cầu Frau xanh Group. While the hotel’s exterior is hyper-modern – it occupies the majority of the gleaming 39-storey Times Square building – its interior is draped in the old-world charm for which Italian architecture is renowned.


ABOVE: Romance Suite bathroom.

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Spread out through the Reverie Saigon are some 1,200 meters of high-kết thúc European fabrics by Rubelli, a revered fabric manufacturer from Venice which did the upholstery for the private boxes at Italy’s top opera house, Milan’s Teatro alla Scala. I could continue listing the seemingly endless kiến thiết features of this khách sạn but, by now, I think you get the picture. Brash. Eccentric. Stunning. Those three words sum up the Reverie Saigon and probably could have sầu saved me a lot of long-winded mô tả tìm kiếm.

Before I move on from the topic of kiến thiết I must say that, what really stuck in my mind, was the gorgeous use of tiled mosaics throughout the property. I first noticed these glittering, hand-made creations in the palatial, 276-metre two-bedroom Saigon Suite. Now this is a proper suite. Two storeys tall & with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows which offer heart-stopping views across the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City. Intricate floral mosaics decorated the floors of one of its two bathrooms, while the other had equally exquisite mosaics on its walls. This opulent suite also has a dining table and barrel chair originally designed by great American designer Frank Lloyd Wright, & a beautiful Veliero bookcase comprised of 1,800 individual pieces originally designed in 1940 by Italian Franco Albini.

Similarly lavish appointments are evident throughout all of the Reverie’s rooms & suites, which all are particularly spacious, boast luxury linen, have sầu floor-to-ceiling windows và cutting edge giải pháp công nghệ. The entry-màn chơi deluxe pháo rooms are huge at 43sqm, while the Gr& Deluxe pháo (53sqm), Panorama Deluxe cộ (53sqm), Junior Suite (63sqm), Executive Suite (78sqm) and Designer Suite (126sqm) are all offer a great sense of space.

The rooms have sầu a writing desk, a chic couch, walk-in closets, a Nespresso machine, Chopard toiletries, Frette 400-threat count bedsheets, a complementary mini bar stocked with snacks và drinks, and two flat-screen TVs – one in the bedroom và one in the large bathroom. The suites have sầu most of that plus Hermes toiletries, 600-thread count sheets, goose down duvets và a dozen pillow options.

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Tech-wise, all of the rooms & suites have truyền thông hubs which boast universal power outlets, USB và HDMI outlets, & audio và Clip inputs. A Công nghệ Bluetooth system lets guests stream music from their personal sản phẩm điện thoại devices through the sound system.