The 20 Best Things To Do In Hoi An, Vietnam


Plan your trip khổng lồ a beautiful Vietnamese town with the help of this guide on all the best things to bởi vì in Hoi An!

If you’re travelling across Vietnam, then the beautiful town of Hoi An makes for the perfect place to chill out in the middle. It’s a nice change of pace from the chaos of the big cities lượt thích Hanoi & Ho chi Minh City.

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The colourful Old Town of Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s full of cultural & historical attractions. Miraculously, it managed khổng lồ avoid destruction during the war with the US.

Many of the top things to bởi in Hoi An can be found right here in this very walkable area. Not surprisingly, it’s also the centre of tourism with plenty of options for accommodation, dining, shopping, & nightlife.

Welcome to lớn Hoi An!

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The 20 Best Things to vị in Hoi An1) Go Sightseeing in Old TownHoi An Travel GuideWhere lớn Stay in Hoi An

The đôi mươi Best Things to vị in Hoi An

While the town itself has plenty khổng lồ keep you busy, there’s a lot to lớn discover just a short ride away. From cycling on a rural island khổng lồ exploring ancient ruins, adventure is calling.

On our month-long backpacking trip across Vietnam, Hoi An was hands down one of my favourite places. Sure it’s touristy, but it’s not that hard lớn break out of the bubble here.

Read on for an in-depth look at the best Hoi An attractions in and around the city. Before we get down to lớn the nitty-gritty, though, a word about visiting the famed Old Town of Hoi An…

1) Go Sightseeing in Old Town

Kicking off our danh mục of things to bởi in Hoi An is the famous Old Town. The whole area is basically a living museum with an interesting blend of cultures.

On just a short walk around Hoi An Old Town, you’ll stroll past a French colonial house, cross a Japanese bridge, and pop into a Chinese temple.

This is due to lớn the town’s importance as a trading post back in the 16th và 17th centuries.

Entrance Ticket

Figuring out what to vì in Hoi An Old Town can be a bit tricky. It really is an Old Town, và the rapid development of tourism here has put a strain on the place.

First of all, every visitor needs to purchase an entrance ticket.

These cost 120,000 VND và are valid for the duration of your stay. I recommend buying the ticket straight away & just keeping it on you. Just be sure not to thua trận it!

Before you go griping about the entrance ticket, just know that a vast majority of the cost goes towards maintenance & renovations.

One of the many sights in the Old Town.
What lớn See in Hoi An Old Town

With your ticket in hand, you’re ready to kiểm tra out some of the vị trí cao nhất things to bởi in Hoi An. It grants you access to five of the 22 cultural và historical sights around town.

There are lots of things khổng lồ see in Hoi An Old Town. You can choose between old houses, museums, temples, pagodas, art centres, và more.

This entire guide could be on the various sights of Old Town, but there’s so much more going on in Hoi An.

I recommend checking out the Japanese Covered Bridge first và then just wandering around the Old Town. Some of the attractions may catch your eye while others may seem boring. It’s nice to have options!

On our visit, we saw a mixture of sights spread out over a few days. Even though tickets may say they’re only good for 24 hours, no one should hassle you about it so long as you actually have a ticket.

If you want to see where all the attractions are located in town, pull up this great map on your phone.

The famed Japanese Covered Bridge in Old Town.

2) Visit a Tailor

While Hoi An was once a major trading port, these days its primary industry seems khổng lồ be tailoring. In fact, it seems lượt thích every other shop here is a tailor.

If you’re looking for a custom-made suit, dress, or new pair of shoes, this is the place to vì chưng it.

When it comes to lớn shopping in Hoi An, you definitely get what you pay for. With so many shops, it’s inevitable that some of them are not the greatest quality.

Yaly Couture, BeBe, and Thu Thay are all good choices.

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3) Go on a Hoi An không lấy phí Tour

Without a doubt, one of the coolest things to bởi in Hoi An is taking the không tính tiền tour. This is run by local university students & is a really fun way lớn spend a morning.

Their popular free bike tour takes you over khổng lồ a small island on a ferry. Once there, you’ll cycle around khổng lồ different workshops to see how locals make a living.

These tours are a win-win for travellers và the guides. They’re studying tourism and trying khổng lồ practice their English, while you’re looking for an authentic local experience.

The free bike tours operate on Tuesday, Saturday, & Sunday. You’ll just need lớn cover your own bike and ferry ride, which will only set you back a few bucks.

They run several other tours that are very reasonably priced as well. You can check out all the options on their website.

Visiting a boat-maker is just one part of the tour.

4) Take a Ride in a Basket Boat

Ever heard of a basket boat? I didn’t think so! It just so happens that riding in one of these is one of the vị trí cao nhất Hoi An activities.

These are basically round baskets made of bamboo that locals use to lớn navigate the waterways in the area. On a half-day tour, you can cycle out to the village & try paddling one yourself.

Cruise through a lush forest of coconut trees, try your hand at net fishing, & then watch the locals have a cheeky race.

You can book in for this right here, so make sure you check it out!

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BONUS – Booking ahead of time ensures you won’t miss out on the tour, và get the best price too! and just for readers, if you use the Klook discount code “NOMADS10” on the website when checking out, you’ll get $10 off your first booking!

5) check Out the Local Markets

One of the vị trí cao nhất things to bởi vì in Hoi An is simply perusing the local markets. These are the best places to shop for souvenirs at a bargain price & indulge in some delicious Vietnamese food.

The Hoi An Night Market is a popular choice among travellers. Overlooking the river and illuminated by hundreds of lanterns, this certainly is a scenic place to cửa hàng and eat!

Local food is always the best.

6) Eat All the Things

Speaking of eating, be sure lớn come hungry when you visit Hoi An! The town is famous for its cuisine và is thought of as a food capital in Vietnam.

Some of the local dishes that you have to try include banh bao vac, which means “white rose.” These delectable shrimp dumplings are wrapped khổng lồ resemble a rose and they’re damn good!

If you’d like to learn a bit as you stuff your face, then why not sign up for a food tour? There’s an excellent evening walking tour where you get khổng lồ sample street food, Vietnamese coffee, & enjoy dinner in a local’s home.

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Trying the local specialty – trắng Rose dumplings.

7) Take a Cooking Class

Do you know what’s even better than chowing down on tasty Vietnamese food? Chowing down on tasty Vietnamese food that you actually cooked yourself!

Taking a cooking class is definitely high on the menu of things to vì in Hoi An. There are several places offering cooking classes in Old Town.

One excellent choice is the Grandma’s Vietnamese home Cooking Class tour. A short boat ride takes you khổng lồ an island, where you’ll meet a local family.

After visiting an herb garden & learning how lớn make your own rice paper, it’s time lớn get cooking! You’ll make four dishes such as bahn xeo and papaya salad và then sit down khổng lồ a feast.

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8) Attend a Hoi An Memories Show

One of the đứng đầu Hoi An attractions is a new theme park that’s trang chủ to the most ambitious show in all of Vietnam.

Hoi An Impressions is a theme park focused on the history & culture of the city, where all of the staff members are time-period performers. It’s also trang chủ to the absolutely epic Memories Show, which has a cast of over 500!

You can choose lớn visit only the park (300,000 VND) or see the show (600,000 VND for adults), or you can get a combo ticket (800,000 VND).

The park is open from 5-9 PM while the show happens from 7:30-8:45. It’s open every day but Tuesday so plan accordingly.

Better yet, just sign up for a tour that’s an excellent bargain where you bởi both along with a trip khổng lồ the coconut forest for some basket boating.

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9) Enjoy a Sunset River Cruise

Wondering what to vì in Hoi An for a thắm thiết evening? Look no further than a sunset river cruise!

There are a variety of options for taking a sunset cruise in Hoi An. Choose from a cocktail cruise to a private dinner cruise with a 5-course menu.

Just about everyone in town can help you get on a cruise, but you can also book one online if you prefer.

Hanging out down by the river.

10) Attend a Lantern-Making Class

Of all the amazing things to lớn see in Hoi An, the bright & colourful lanterns really stand out. These are symbols of happiness, wealth, và luck và are all over the town.

You’ll see plenty of lanterns while walking around, but did you know you could also try making your own?

That’s right – there’s a great lantern making class you can sign up for khổng lồ create your own homemade souvenir.

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11) Release a Lantern

Walk around the Old Town in the evening, & you’ll see that one of the most popular things to vị in Hoi An Vietnam is releasing lanterns in the river.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the nice lanterns that hang around town or the one you made in the class. These are small paper lanterns that you can buy for less than a dollar.

Traditionally, this only happened on the eve of the full moon. With the development of tourism in Hoi An, this now happens on a nightly basis.

It may be mostly for tourists these days, but it doesn’t make the scene any less beautiful!

12) Drink Bia Hoi

One of my personal favourite things to bởi in Hoi An is just sit by the river và enjoy a few glasses of bia hoi. This “fresh beer” is delivered khổng lồ restaurants and bars daily in small kegs, so it’s not just a clever name.

In addition to lớn being a crisp, refreshing brew, bia hoi is also dirt cheap. Seriously – you can get a few glasses of this stuff before your bar tab hits a dollar.

Find a riverside bar, order up a round with a few snacks, và enjoy the scenery of this gorgeous town.

Mmmm… bia hoi.

13) Treat Yourself

Once in a while, you just have to lớn treat yourself when travelling. All those long bus rides, sleepless nights in hostels, và arduous days of trekking take a toll.

Thankfully a spa day is a very affordable thing here in Hoi An.

There are tons of spas khổng lồ choose from in Hoi An. Whether you’re just looking for a cheap foot massage or a luxury treatment that lasts several hours, you can find it here.

If you’d rather not spend time reading through đánh giá and searching for places on the ground, I’ve got something for you. The spa làm đẹp at Belle Maison Hadana comes highly rated and you can book a spa session online for a great price.

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Check Prices on Klook

14) Day Trip to lớn My Son

One of the most popular day trips from Hoi An is the archaeological site of My Son. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a cluster of Hindu temples built by the Champa Kings

Unfortunately, tremendous damage was done to lớn the temples during the war. The good news is that there’s still plenty lớn see here and it’s far less crowded than places lượt thích Bagan or Angkor Wat.

You have several options for visiting My Son, including just getting yourself there on a motorbike. This is a good option if you’re comfortable riding but maybe not so great for beginners.

Walk around Hoi An, & you’ll see tons of signs advertising tours khổng lồ My Son. If you’d rather sort it out before you arrive, there’s a highly-rated tour you can just book online.

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Exploring the ruins at My Son.

15) Visit Tam Thanh Mural Village

If you enjoy street art, then one of the đứng đầu things to vì in Hoi An is visiting the Tam Thanh mural village. This art project is a collaboration between Vietnam và South Korea, where mural villages have been a huge hit.

A group of Korean & Vietnamese artists worked together to lớn paint over 100 of the homes here. What once looked just like every other coastal fishing village a few years ago is now a colourful work of art.

The murals have brought in tourists, which has led khổng lồ increased business opportunities for locals. If you visit, consider putting your money directly into the community whether it’s buying a coffee or handmade goods.

To get out lớn the mural village, you can get yourself there on a motorbike, hire a taxi, or just sign up for a tour.

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16) Hit the Beach

Fancy a bit of sun and sand during your stay in Hoi An? Thankfully there are some excellent beaches that are just a short trip away.

The easiest beaches to reach from Hoi An are An Bang (3 km) và Cua Dai (4 km). A leisurely bike ride through the rice paddies will bring you khổng lồ either in no time.

There are several places on the beach with chairs và umbrellas. Some charge a fee just lớn use them while others will let you chill for as long as you want so long as you’re buying food & drinks.

A not so nice beach day is still better than a normal day!

17) Take a Cham Islands Tour

While the beaches near town are fine, you’ll want to lớn head out to lớn the Cham Islands if you want lớn experience pristine beaches. They’re just a short boat ride but feel worlds apart from the town.

This chain of islands just off the coast is also an excellent place for snorkelling and scuba diving. The summer months are the best time of year lớn visit for underwater exploration.

If you’re visiting Hoi An between October & February, you’re SOL on this one. The monsoon season makes it too dangerous khổng lồ travel to the islands so trips are suspended during this time.

On this excellent half-day tour, you’ll visit a pagoda, fishing villages, & a beach in addition khổng lồ snorkelling stops.

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18) Visit Tra Que Culinary Village

For foodies, one of the best Hoi An activities you can vì chưng is visiting the Tra Que Culinary Village. It’s just a short trip from town on the way khổng lồ An Bang Beach, so you can easily combine both.

The village is famous for the fresh vegetables that are grown here và used all across the region. When you visit, you can try your hand at being a Vietnamese farmer for a bit.

They also have cooking classes, a restaurant, and a spa for foot massages. You can bởi vì a bit of everything by signing up for this great tour.

Check Prices on Klook
Learning how to make rice paper is fun.

19) Take a Motorbike Tour

One of the most fun things you can vì in Hoi An Vietnam is going for a motorbike tour. This could be a DIY trip for more experienced riders, while newbies will want to go with a guide.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to lớn motorbike tours in Vietnam. You can just head off on a half-day trip from Hoi An lớn explore the area.

If you’re really gung-ho, you can even sign up for a multi-day tour that takes you all the way down to the Mekong Delta.

When we were backpacking Vietnam, we met with an Easy Riders guide in Hoi An and headed out on a 4-day trip with him. I rode my own xe đạp while my wife was on the back of his và our backpacks were strapped to the bikes.

During this trip we visited remote villages, rushing waterfalls, coffee farms, & so much more. It was definitely the highlight of our trip & something I highly recommend doing!

This was totally safe…

20) Hike the Marble Mountains

Last but not least on our list of what to bởi vì in Hoi An is a trip lớn the Marble Mountains. They’re located between Hoi An và Da Nang, a bit closer to the city.

Visiting these beautiful limestone mountains make for a great adventure. You can explore tunnels & caves, kiểm tra out a Buddhist shrine, và hike lớn some unbelievable viewpoints.

It’s easy enough lớn get yourself lớn the Marble Mountains if you’ve got a bike. It costs 40,000 VND to enter và an extra 15,000 if you want khổng lồ take the elevator instead of climbing the stairs up.

If you’d prefer lớn go with a group, you can sign up for a day tour of domain authority Nang that includes a stop at the Marble Mountains.

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Hoi An Travel Guide

Now that you know what to bởi vì in Hoi An, we want lớn help you make your other plans as well by sharing the best accommodations và places to eat in the city.

Where lớn Stay in Hoi An

I recommend staying in any of these places, depending on your budget.

Best Budget Accommodation in Hoi An – Tribee Bana

If you’re balling on a budget but still want a nice place to lớn come home to, look no further than Tribee Bana.

This is a great place to lớn meet fellow travellers through the various không lấy phí activities they offer. Pair that with an amazing location & tasty breakfast, & you’ve got a real winner.

There are actually several different Tribee hostels in Hoi An, so check the other locations if Bana is full.

Check Prices on Agoda
Best Mid-Range Accommodation in Hoi An – Venus Hotel

Those seeking a bit more comfort without a much higher price tag can check out the Venus Hotel.

This place is definitely great bang for your buck, as you get an outdoor pool, nice búp phê breakfast, and fitness centre for as little as $30 a night.

Check Prices on Agoda
Best Luxury Accommodation in Hoi An – Little Riverside

Looking khổng lồ splurge on your Hoi An trip? Allow me to lớn recommend the stunning Little Riverside.

It’s not just a clever name, as this place is really located right on the Thu Bon River in the heart of Old Town.

Here you can take the shuttle khổng lồ their own private beach, get a mát xa or steam bath in the spa, or just grab drinks và chill at the rooftop infinity pool. Life is good.

Check Prices on Agoda

How to lớn Get khổng lồ Hoi An

The nearest airport is in domain authority Nang, which is about an hour away. The Hoi An Express shuttle bus is an efficient and budget-friendly way khổng lồ get between the two at $6 USD per person. Click here to lớn reserve online.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 300-400,000 VND for a private taxi, and may have to bởi a bit of negotiating. If you have a local SIM card, you can use Grab to order a ride.

Order one online before you get khổng lồ town to save yourself some headaches.

The nearest train station is also in domain authority Nang, not too far from the airport. To lớn take the cheap, local way, walk lớn the bus stop (click here for directions) and hop on bus #1. This only costs 20,000 VND but may take a while.

Another option is to lớn just hop on the bus. There are lots of different hop-on, hop-off bus companies in Vietnam. Taking a bus to Hoi An means you get dropped off in town without needing lớn transfer in da Nang.

Riding that (Vietnamese) train…

Best Restaurants in Hoi An

Tra Que Garden – As I mentioned, it’s well worth it to lớn visit Tra Que Culinary Village. The restaurant here serves fresh, delicious local cuisine and is typically #1 on TripAdvisor for a reason.Central Market – For the real local experience, head khổng lồ the Central Market lớn fill up on cheap Vietnamese classics.Red Bean – This place is always good, but try khổng lồ make it on Tuesday or Saturday for their street food buffet.Firefly – A good place for groups since they have lots of options – Vietnamese as well as pizza, pasta, burgers, etc.Nhan’s Kitchen – A bit of a walk from Old Town but worth it just for the passionfruit chicken dish.White Rose – The place to go to lớn try the town’s signature white Rose dumplings.

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Mate Restaurant and Coffee – Highly-rated local place with amazing coconut coffee.

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