Vinpearl luxury landmark 81, ho chi minh city


Located on the picturesque Saigon riverbank, Luxury Landmark 81 Hotel stands out from the green garden of Vinhomes Central Park khổng lồ become a new symbol of Vietnam"s prosperity và wealth.

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Acreage:Updating m2

Rooms và Guests:223 rooms




| 3N2Đ phòng khách sạn + Chơi Golf + Ăn 03 bữa + Vui chơi VinWonders và Safari


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YOLO COMBO 30/04 | VMB Vietnam Airlines + 3N2Đ phòng có bữa sáng + vui chơi giải trí HOẶC 03 bữa + Đón tiễn trường bay trên VinOasis Prúc Quốc

YOLO COMBO 30/04 | VMB Vietphái nam Airlines + 3N2Đ phòng bao gồm bữa sáng + vui chơi giải trí HOẶC 03 bữa + Đón tiễn trường bay trên VinOasis Phụ Quốc

PHÚ QUỐC EXPRESS COMBO | Vé tàu cao tốc PQ Express + 3N2Đ chống + Vui nghịch VinWonders/Safari theo gói tại Phú Quốc Luxury Landmark 81 serves a signature cuisine through a system of 5-star restaurants và bars inside the khách sạn building. The Oriental Pearl restaurant on the 66th floor offers well-blended traditional and modern dishes, especially the Landmark Pho which combines the traditional recipe of Hanoi Pho Thin artisans and’s own secret and is carefully cooked using premium ingredients such as Wagyu beef, Australian beef brisket & oxtail. Other must-visit places include the luxurious Blu Pearl Bar offering great cocktails và stunning views và other restaurants serving international cuisine.

Dubbed “Bali on the clouds,” Akoya Spage authority is decorated with Indonesian-style bird’s nest furnishings, mandala patterns & exquisitely carved stone statues, like a paradise as portrayed in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” mix in Bali. Customers of Akoya Spage authority can enjoy famous health & beauty treatments from Indonesia, India, Hawaii, xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện và nhật bản, in absolute relaxation. For a perfect experience, Akoya Spa also features a hair và nail salon làm tóc, steam room, jacuzzi and high-over beauty products.

Independence Palace

Independence Palace was once the residence & work of the President of the Republic of Vietnam. Currently, the palace has been ranked as a special national monument by the Government of Vietphái mạnh.

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Ben Thanh khô Market

Located in District 1 và built in 1912, Ben Tkhô nóng Market is considered an unofficial symbol of Ho Chi Minc City.

Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral is a work of great architectural value, a testament lớn the historical period of Ho Chi Minc City.

Business Registration:

4200456848. The first registration dated on July 26th, 2006.

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The fiftieth registration for change dated on March, 03rd 20đôi mươi.

Bank account: Joint Stoông xã CompanyAccount Number: 9124412488166 (VND)Vietnam giới Technological và Commercial Joint- stoông xã Bank (Techcombank) - Head office