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General Information

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How khổng lồ get a Visa

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10 Jun, 2022

Chinese Visa Application Service Center inHong Kong (hereinafter referred khổng lồ as “Our Center”) is xuất hiện from Monday toFriday(public holidays excluded). Applicants are required tofillin the online application forms andmake an appointmentthroughour website before submitting application documents onsite. And thefull-process vaccination certificates of the vaccine licensed or approved for emergencyuse by trung quốc or WHO shall be provided. Applications without a valid onlineappointment willNOTbe accepted. Thespecificarrangementsare as follows:

1. Our Center will continue to lớn accept visa applications of emergencyhumanitarian reasons. In addition to visiting an immediate family member inChina who is in critical medical condition và in need of care, or arrangefuneral matters of an immediate family thành viên in China, foreign family members(including spouses, parents, spouse"s parents, children and their spouses,brothers and sisters, grandparents, và grandchildren) of Chinese citizens orforeign nationals with permanent residence status in the Mainland of China canapply for visas for reunion or family visit. For the detailed visa applicationrequirements, please refer khổng lồ the “Notice on the Adjustment ofRequirements for Chinese Visa Application During COVID-19 Pandemic”.

2. Our Center will continue khổng lồ accept Z visa applicants intending to lớn work inthe Mainland of China. Và their family members (including spouses, parents,children under the age of 18, parents of spouses, adult children and theirspouses who can provide sufficient proof of immediate visit) can apply forvisas with the routine documents. For the details, please refer lớn the “Notice on the Adjustment ofRequirements for Chinese Visa Application During COVID-19 Pandemic” .3. Our Center will continue to accept M/F visa for applicants visiting Chinafor economic, trade, enducation, science and technology, sports and culture purposes, applicantsqualified for a crew (C) visa & those qualified for an R visa by submitting the routine documents.(See link: Visa caegories and the requirements of supporting documents postedon the official website of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry ofForeign Affairs of trung quốc in the HKSAR).

4.Call-center and thư điện tử service will remain go on from Monday to lớn Friday (exceptholidays). Please note that the liên hệ number has been temporarilychanged khổng lồ +852-55156980 và 60961310 (09:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00); and e-mail hasremained as hongkongcenter