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Hoi An is mostly known for its quietude và relaxing atmosphere, & people associate it with its charming shops & riverside bistros. Rarely vày people think “nightlife” and bars in association with Hoi An and, for the most part, establishments do close early.

Hoi An does have a nightlife scene, that—like the city’s booming prosperity—grows more diverse and present with each passing month. Compared lớn many other towns in Vietnam, with their penchant for turning the lights off early, Hoi An caters to lớn travellers who want to carry on having a good time.

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Hoi An’s nightlife is comprised of some of the best romantic cocktail lounges, energetic bars, live music venues, and trendy cafes, so numerable they can’t all be catalogued. In this comprehensive guide, we break down our favourite spots into 10 categories. Indeed, many of the most-frequented drink dens & well-trodden nightlife circuits are exposed on other web pages and do not merit mentioning beyond the cursory nod.

We, however, offer a look behind the curtain, into the backstage of this fascinating city to provide you with gems of insights other websites overlook, omit, or simply never discover. In this guide, Hidden provided everything you need to lớn know about the best bars in Hoi An. You’ll find a danh sách of the go-tos for the perfect night out.



Best Live Music Bars in Hoi An

Fender Bar

Website – Address 15 Thoai Ngoc Hau, An Hoi – Opening hours: Live music: 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Mở cửa mic or live DJ: 11:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m

Fender Bar is run by Hoi An’s guitar virtuoso Tam Huu & replaces the much loved Guitar Hawaii Bar. Promising a special musical journey—from Vietnamese love ballads to Western rock classics—every night, this is one of the few places near Hoi An’s Old Town that travellers are outnumbered by locals.

Above all, what makes Fender Bar even more unique, is that guests are welcome on stage lớn play or sing with the band, creating an incredible live-jamming atmosphere. Tam is a true musical maestro, so it’s worth a trip purely to lớn witness his guitar solos. So you never know what khổng lồ expect here, và it almost feels lượt thích watching a live version of The Voice. For instance, on our visit, a talented Dutch singer stepped onto stage and absolutely rocked the place khổng lồ pieces! If you’re up for great sounds, live jamming, and friendly vibes, then you shouldn’t miss this bar.

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Best Backpacker Bar in Hoi An

Tiger Tiger

Website – Address: 35 Nguyen Phuc Chu – Opening hours: 5:30 pm khổng lồ late – Happy Hours: 5.30 pm khổng lồ 12:00 am 1 miễn phí drink on entry, or 2 for 1, or 3 for 2 (dependent on when you arrive)

Tiger Tiger sits on An Hoi island alongside Funky Monkey Bar, Mr Bean Bar & other bars very popular with backpackers. Sure they have cheap cocktails, extended happy hour deals and funky balloons, but it is the music that makes all the difference! For instance every night, its vivid dance floor is packed with people dancing their hearts out khổng lồ Shakira, Britney, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. So even if you are not a big backpacker bar fan, it is difficult not lớn have a good time in Tiger Tiger. For a quieter night, sit at the outside tables along the river—but trust us, it won’t be the same!

Hidden Hint: It’s always Happy Hour in the Old Town! Hoi An offers some of the most generous Happy Hours you’re ever likely khổng lồ encounter. Usually between 5 & 7 pm, though in many cases, it will stretch from 4 pm lớn midnight.


Best Hidden Gem Bar in Hoi An

Tadioto Whisky Bar

Website – Address: 54 Phan Boi Chau – Opening hours: 9 am lớn 11:40 pm

Descriptions of Tadioto simply don’t do it justice. In other words, this exquisite Japanese oasis must be experienced first-hand. It’s well hidden in the narrow alleys of the Old Town and can easily go unnoticed. However, you’ll be missing out if you leave Hoi An without dropping by.

Tadioto is the brainchild of poet, scriptwriter and journalist Nguyen Qui Duc. Its tagline, “For Thinkers & Drinkers,” puts you in the right mood for what is lớn follow. So expect sophisticated, minimalistic and artful taste in both decor và menu. The restaurant is a magnet for intellectuals and the perfect place to lớn sip rare liquors and unlock new ideas. In addition, it serves a full range of whiskies, wines, cocktails, và some of the country’s best sushi. It has been featured on CNN, Travel và Leisure, Fodor’s, Le Monde, the new york Times, và other media outlets.

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The bar at Tadioto Hoi An, stocked with whisky & sake.

Hidden’s Thoughts

Undoubtedly this article has illuminated multiple options for you khổng lồ explore in Hoi An’s nightlife scene. Hoi An is a dynamic and evolving city, with ever-more bars, venues và lounges springing up monthly. Fear not! We are your guys on the ground here in Hoi An, so this article will be regularly updated with the latest hot spots. But for now, enjoy our list, which was built khổng lồ give you the best possible experience. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it!